Chapter 1


1. Other members of the patrol: Cpl. Ralph F. Diven, T/5 Coy T. Locke, Pfc. George F. McNeal, and a French interpreter, a Lieutenant DeLille. V Corps C-3 Jnl, 11 Sep 44; Combat Interv with Lt. L. L. Vipond, Ex 0, Troop B, 85th Rcn Sq.

2. 28th Div G-3 Jnl, 11 Sep 44; 4th Div AAR, Sep 44. A patrol from the 28th Division's 110th Infantry crossed a short while later near the village of Harspelt.

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*Maps numbered in Roman are placed in inverse order inside the back cover.

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7. Maps in Post NEPTUNE Planning Forecast I. 27 May 44, SHAEF SGS 381 Post OVERLORD Planning, I. The planners expected the surrender about D Plus 360.

8. SHAEF G-3 War Room Summary 102.

9. SHAEF G-3 War Room Summary 99.

10. Ibid.

11. The German term Oberbefehlshaber West means either the Commander in Chief West or his headquarters. In this volume, the term Commander in Chief West will be used to refer to the person holding the title Oberbefehlshaber West, while the abbreviated form OB WEST will refer to his headquarters.

12. OB WEST, A Study in Command, pp. 176, i8o. This manuscript, by Generalleutnant Bodo Zimmermann (G-3, OB WEST) and others, was written under the auspices of the Department of the Army Historical Division in 1946 and is filed in OCMH. Matériel estimates are from Cole, The Lorraine Campaign, p.3.

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18. Two others the Belfort and Saverne gaps, were too far south to afford any appreciable threat to the Ruhr or Berlin.

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30. Unless otherwise noted, this study of supply is based upon Roland G. Ruppenthal, Logistical Support of the Armies, Vol. I, UNITED STATES ARMY IN WORLD WAR II (Washington, 1953), and Vol. II.

31. By using its own transportation, the army raised this to 3,000 tons.

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42. Personal Diary of Maj William C. Sylvan, former aide to the First Army Commander, Lt Gen Courtney H. Hodges. Entry of 24 Sep 44. Major Sylvan kept his diary, dealing primarily with General Hodges' activities, with the approval of General Hodges. A copy is on file in OCMH through courtesy of Major Sylvan.

43. A detailed annotated account of German strength, losses, and organization may be found in Cole, The Lorraine Campaign, pp. 29-43.

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47. Ibid.

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