Endnotes for Chapter VII

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The pre-organization strength of G-2 (425) is not comparable to the reduced strength of 16 because the latter figure did not include a sizable working intelligence organization set up independently as the Military Intelligence Service, technically not part of the General Staff.

7 The quotations in this paragraph and those which immediately follow are from AR 10-15, 13 Jul 42, sub: GS Orgn and Gen Dys.

8 The complete list of OPD's specific areas of responsibility included four very broadly phrased categories, of which the first three had been charged to WPD in similar form. They were: "(1) Location and armament of coast and land fortifications and bases. (2) Forces which may be required in the prosecution in the war or in furtherance of the national defense, and times and places at which they may be needed. (3) Testing of war plans by tactical exercises and maneuvers. (4) Strategic employment of the Army of the United States."

9 Min of Gen Council meetings, 17 Mar 42, DCofS rcds. The Assistant Chiefs of Staff were informally called the "Chiefs" of the General Staff Divisions (OPD, G-1, G-2, G-3, G-4). That is, "Chief of OPD" is equivalent to "Assistant Chief of Staff, OPD."

10 Ibid.

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12 Ibid., 31 Mar 42.

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16 Memo, G-4 for OPD, 7 Aug 42, sub: Coordination with Supply Div, OPD 320, 25. General Moses remarked on the exceptional degree of cooperation from the "Future Operations Group, OPD, and from the head of the BOLERO Committee (General Hull)."

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19 For General Somervell's suggestion that G-4 (and G-1) be abolished, and for OPD's transfer of some responsibilities for logistics to G-4 in the fall of 1943, see Ch. XIV.

20 (1) For early request by OPD for regular receipt of several copies of G-2 report, title: Axis Situation and Capabilities of the Enemy, see memo, WPD for G-2, 16 Mar 42, sub: Est of Situation and Capabilities of Enemy, OPD 380 Axis, 3. (2) For assignment of G-2 liaison officers, see memo, SGS for G-2, 20 Mar 42, no sub, OPD 210.3, 16.

21 Testimony of Brig Gen W. W. Bessell, Jr., 17 Nov 45, in Rpt of Com on Int Activities (Lovett Board), WDCSA 350.09 TS (1945). Cf. testimony of Col R. S. Bratton, 16 Nov 45, in the same report.

22 Testimony of Lt Gen Hull, 17 Nov 45, in Rpt of Com on Int Activities (Lovett Board), WDCSA 350.09 TS (1945).

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24 Memo for rcd, 16 Mar 42, sub: Outline of Meeting Held Today, March 16, etc., OPD 320, 59. The main point of discussion was the "determination of where the responsibility rested for decisions and the issuances of directives in regard to air equipment outside the United States or between Theaters." The meeting agreed as first stated by Brig. Gen. M. S. Fairchild, senior Air Forces representative, that the "Army Air Forces as such had nothing to do with regard to decisions of movements and that they needed directives telling them what to do from WPD."

25 (1) AG ltr to CG AAF, 1 Jun 42, sub: WD Agency Charged with Publishing Official Commitments in Acft, AG 452.1 (5-27-42) MS-E. (2) Memo, OPD for CofS, 27 May 42, same sub, OPD 452.1, 24.

26 The goal, never reached, was a general staff evenly divided between Ground and Air officers. See memo, SGS for CofS, 14 Feb 42, sub: Air Offs Recommended for New GS Set-Up, WDCSA 020.

27 Memo, OPD for AAF, 16 Mar 42, sub: AAF Plans and Projects, OPD 580.4, 1.

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29 Ibid. For later specific assignment of responsibility for controlling the flow of personnel, units, and matériel to the theaters, see Ch. XIV.

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