Endnotes for Chapter XVIII

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4 For Army initiation of the long struggle for unification, see: (1) OPD Hist Unit Study, "Wartime Study of Unification of the Armed Services"; (2) OPD Hist Unit Study I, "Early Proposals for Unification of the Armed Services of the United States" ; (3) most of the information in these studies was published, without documentation, in an article by Ray S. Cline and Maurice Matloff, "Development of War Department Views on Unification," in Military Affairs, 1949, Vol. XIII, No.2, pp. 65-74.

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8 Ltr, Gen Handy for Dir of Bureau of Budget, 29 Apr 46, WDCSA 020 (2).

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10 WD Cir 138, 14 May 46, sub: WD Reorgn.

11 Ibid.

12 National Security Act of 1947, distributed in the Army as War Department Bulletin 11, 31 July 1947.

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