Annex No. 1
Units Taking Part in the Bizerte Campaign

The following items do not constitute an official Station List.



Headquarters and Headquarters Company.


16th, 18th, and 26th Infantry Regiments; 7th, 32d, 33d, and 5th Field Artillery Battalions; 1st Engineer Battalion; 1st Quartermaster Company; 1st Medical Battalion; 1st Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop; 1st Signal Company; 701st Ordnance Company.

Attached: 701st Tank Destroyer Battalion; 105th Coast Artillery (AA) Battalion; Detachment, 2624th Signal Service Regiment; Air Support Party.


1st and 13th Armored Regiments; 6th Armored Infantry Regiment; 27th, 68th, and 81st Armored Field Artillery Battalions; 81st Armored Reconnaissance Battalion; 16th Armored Engineer Battalion; 141st Armored Signal Company; 1st Armored Supply Battalion; 1st Armored Maintenance Battalion; 47th Armored Medical Battalion.

Attached: 91st Reconnaissance Squadron; 776th Tank Destroyer Battalion; 443d Coast Artillery (AA) Battalion; Air Support Party.


39th, 47th, and 60th Infantry Regiments; 26th, 60th, 84th, and 34th Field Artillery Battalions; 15th Engineer Battalion; 9th Quartermaster Company; 9th Medical Battalion; 9th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop; 9th Signal Company; 709th Ordnance Company.


Attached: 62d Armored Field Artillery Battalion; 434th Coast Artillery (AA) Battalion; Battery H, 67th Coast Artillery (AA) Regiment; 894th Tank Destroyer Battalion; Corps Franc d'Afrique; Air Support Party.


133d less 2d Battalion, 135th, and 168th Infantry Regiments; 125th, 151st, 175th, and 185th Field Artillery Battalions; 109th Engineer Battalion; 109th Quartermaster Battalion; 109th Medical Battalion; 34th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop; 34th Signal Company; 734th Ordnance Company.

Attached: 813th Tank Destroyer Battalion; 751st Tank Battalion; 107th Coast Artillery (AA) Battalion; Air Support Party.

3D DIVISION (assisted in mopping up):

7th, 15th, and 30th Infantry Regiments; 10th, 39th, 41st, and 9th Field Artillery Battalions; 10th Engineer Battalion; 3d Quartermaster Company; 3d Medical Battalion; 3d Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop; 3d Signal Company; 703d Ordnance Company.


1st Field Artillery Observation Battalion; 17th, 36th, and 178th Field Artillery Regiments.

Attached: 106th Coast Artillery (AA) Battalion; Headquarters, 5th Armored Artillery Group; Battery E, 67th Coast Artillery (AA) Regiment; 58th and 65th Armored Field Artillery Battalions; 1st Battalion, 213th Coast Artillery Regiment, less Batteries C and D; 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion.


Headquarters, 2626th Coast Artillery Brigade; Batteries C and D, 213th Coast Artillery Regiment; 3d Battalion, 213th Coast Artillery Regiment; 690th, 692d, and 694th Coast Artillery Batteries (Airborne); 436th Coast Artillery Battalion; 67th Coast Artillery Regiment, less Batteries E and H and 1st and 3d Battalions.


Military Police: 202d Military Police Company.

Armored: 2642d Armored Replacement Battalion.

Signal: 53d Signal Battalion.



Army Pictorial Service; Detachments, 162d and 163d Signal Companies; 177th Signal Replacement Company; Detachments, 2624th and 2625th Signal Service Regiments; Detachments, African Headquarters, British, French.

Medical: 51st Medical Battalion.

Attached: Detachments, 56th Medical Battalion; 2d and 3d Auxiliary Surgical Groups; 2d Battalion, 16th Medical Regiment.

Attached: Detachments, 2d and 3d Auxiliary Surgical Groups; 9th, 11th, 15th, and 128th Evacuation Hospitals.

Engineer: 19th and 20th Engineer Regiments; 2d Platoon, 470th Engineer Company; 518th Engineer Water Supply Company; 62d Engineer Topographical Company; Company B, 601st Engineer Camouflage Battalion.

Quartermaster: 2618th Provisional Quartermaster Truck Battalion; 1st Battalion, 28th Quartermaster Regiment (Truck), less Companies B and C, but plus Company K and Provisional Truck Company; 93d Quartermaster Company; Company A, 205th Quartermaster Battalion; Company C, 263d Quartermaster Battalion.

Ordnance: Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, Provisional Ordnance Group; Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, Medical Detachment, 42d Ordnance Battalion.

Attached: 53d Ordnance Battalion; 82d, 109th, and 3485th Ordnance Companies; Company A, 67th Ordnance Battalion; Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, Medical Detachment, 188th Ordnance Battalion.

Attached: 29th, 991st, and 3488th Ordnance Companies.


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