Appendix A

Major Tactical Units of Tenth Army 
in the Ryukyus Campaign
The following list shows the organization of Tenth Army and its major tactical components as they entered combat. The components omitted are the Island Command, which had a nontactical mission; the 81st Infantry Division, which did not participate in the battle; and the ad Marine Division, of which only the 8th Marine Regiment landed on Okinawa, late in the campaign.
The list was compiled from Tenth Army Action Report, Ryukyus. Discrepancies found in this Action Report have been eliminated, but, despite careful research and checking, other minor errors may still exist. Such errors will be corrected in the Order of Battle of the United States Army, World War II, now being prepared for this series.
Tenth Army
Hq Tenth Army
Hq & Hq Det, Sp Trs, Tenth Army
163d Liaison Sq (AAF)
1st Depot Unit (AAF)
3236th, 3240th Sig Serv Dets (FA)
3040th QM Car Co (-2 Plats)
Psychological Warfare Tm
143d-152d Photo lnterp Tms
Base Censorship Det
32d, 33d Japanese Ord of Btl Tms
1st Info & Hist Serv
K Hist Unit
Civ Correspondent Gp
303d, 304th Hq Int Dets
105th, 901st, 902d, 903d Army Postal
357th Provisional Army Postal Unit
310th Counter intelligence Corps Det
Ten Counter Intelligence Corps Opns
Two Counter Intelligence Corps Hq &
Adm Tms

20th Armored Gp

Hq & Hq Btry, Tenth Army (AAA)
Hq & Hq Btry, 53d AAA Brig
Hq & Hq Btrys, 43d, 44th, 97th, 136th,
137th AAA Gps
96th, 98th, 369th, 503d, 505th, 948th AAA
Gun Bns, Semimobile
834th AAA Auto Wpns Bn, Self-propelled
866th AAA Autc Wpns Bn (-A, B, & C

779th, 870th AAA Auto Wpns Bn, Semi- mobile 
294th, 295th, 325th AAA Searchlight Bns Hq & Hq Btry, 230th AAA Searchlight Bn 
A Btry, 230th AAA Searchlight Bn 
1st Plat, C Btry, 230th AAA Searchlight 
162d AAA Opns Det

Hq & Hq Btry, 144th CA Gp (155mm
38th, 179th, 282d CA Bns (155mm Gun)

1746th Engr Map Det

3d, 82d Sig Construction Bns, Light
85th Sig Opn Bn
3181st Sig Serv Bn, Mobile
3161st Sig Serv Co
241st Sig Opn Co
Det, 585th Sig Depot Co
Det, 57th Sig Repair Co
529th Sig Opn Co
3385th Sig Serv Tm, Bn Hq
3373d Sig Serv Co (SIAM)
Provisional Radio Int Co
8th, 108th, 110th, 111th, 274th Sig Radar
Maintenance Units
279th Pigeon Combat Plat

Hq Provisional Serv Unit
366th Orthopedic Tm
376th, 377th Surgical Tms
390th Neuro Surgical Tm
341st, 342d, 343d Surgical Dets
Hq & Hq Det, Both Med Gp
Hq & Hq Dets, 96th, 153d Med Bns
665th, 668th Clearing Cos
386th, 444th, 541st, 646th Collecting
843d, 847th Supply Tms
176th Malaria Control Unit
215th Malaria Survey Unit
713th Armd Flame Thrower Bn
Air Delivery Sec, III Phib Corps
2d Landing Force Air Support Control
XXIV Corps
Hq XXIV Corps
Hq Co, XXIV Corps
XXIV Corps Military Police Plat
519th Military Police Bn (-Cos A & B)
235th Army Postal Unit
139th-7424, 161st Photo Interp Tms
3231st Photo Unit
306th, 307th Hq Int Dets
L Hist Unit
29th Japanese Ord of Btl Tm
Base Censorship Det
224th Counter Intelligence Corps Det
Civ Correspondent Gp
Hq & Hq Det, 71st Med Bn, Separate 
594th QM Laundry Co (-3 Plats) 
556th Ambulance Co, Separate, Motor-
394th Clearing Co, Separate 
644th, 645th Collecting Cos 
214th Malaria Survey Unit (FB) 
2d Supply Tm Type #4, 726th Med Det 
377th Surgical Det 
366th Orthopedic Tm (EB)

Three Military Govt Dets

1st-3d G-10 Dispensaries (USN)
2d G-6 Hospital (USN)
Hq & Hq Btry, XXIV Corps Arty
Hq & Hq Btry, 419th FA Gp
145th, 198th, 225th FA Bns ( 155mm
287th FA Observation Bn
Hq & Hq Co, 1176th Engr Construction
47th, 1397th, 1398th Engr Construction
Provisional Engr Topographic Plat
1445th Engr Searchlight Maintenance Co
968th Engr Maintenance Co
1088th Engr Depot Co (-1St & 2d Plats)
1901st Engr Aviation Bn
Hq & Hq Det, 521St QM Gp
Hq & Hq Det, 187th QM Bn, Mobile
Hq & Hq Det, 4924 QM Bn
247th QM Depot Supply Co (-3d 
244th QM Depot Supply Co (-1st & 
2d Plats)
43424 QM Serv Co (-2d Plat)
3063d QM Graves Reg Co (-3 Plats)
3008th QM Graves Reg Co (-4 
3754th QM Truck Co (-3 Plats)

101st Sig Bn

3d Landing Force Air Support Control
Det, Air Warning Sq #7
Hq & Hq CO, 504th Port Bn
88th Chem Mortar Bn (-Cos A & B)
866th AAA Auto Wpns Bn

III Amphibious Corps

Hq & Serv Bn, III Phib Corps 
Sig Bn, III Phib Corps 
Med Bn, III Phib Corps 
Hq Btry, III Phib Corps Arty 
11th Mil Transport Bn, Fleet Marine 
Force, Pacific 
1st Provisional Military Police Bn, Fleet 
Marine Force, Pacific 
Co A, 51st Military Police Bn (USA) 
2d, 3d Corps Evacuation Hospitals 
456th Amphibious Truck Co (USA) 
1st Bomb Disposal Co (-2 Plats) 
3d Separate Radio Int Plat 
1st Landing Force Air Support Control 
43-D Mobile Communication Unit
Det, Air Warning Sq
Two Military Govt Dets (USA)
12th G-10 Dispensary (USN)
1st G-6 Hospital (USN)
1st Laundry Co (-1st, 2d, & 3d Plats)
Hq Corps Shore Party
7th Field Depot
Hq Co
Guard Co
Sig Co
Engr Co
Ord Co
General Supply Co
Military Transport Co
Six Depot Cos
3d, 12th Ammunition Cos

2d Plat, 2d Laundry Co
Fumigation & Bath Co
1st Provisional AAA Gp
2d, 5th, 8th, 16th AAA Bns
2d Provisional FA Gp, Hq Btry
1st, 3d, 6th 155mm How Bns
7th, 8th, 9th 155mm Gun Bns
802d Engr Aviation Bn (USA)
1st Separate Engr Bn
71st, 130th Naval Construction Bns (USN)

7th Infantry Division

Hq 7th Inf Div
Special Troops, 7th Inf Div
Hq Co, 7th Inf Div
Military Police Plat, 7th Inf Div
Band, 7th Inf Div
7th QM Co
7th Cav Rn Tr (Mechanized)
7th Sig Co
707th Ord Light Maintenance Co
7th Med Bn
13th Engr (C) Bn
Hq & Hq Btry, Div Arty
31st, 48th, 49th, 57th FA Bns
17th, Sad, 184th Inf Rgts
Antiaircraft Artillery
502d AAA Gun Bn
861st AAA Auto Wpns Bn
1st Plat, A Btry, 295th AAA Searchlight Bn
Det, Air Warning Sq #8 
711th Tank Bn, Medium 
718th, 536th Amph Tractor Bn 
776th Amph Tank Bn 
Chemical 91st Chem Co 
Supply Tm, 1st Provisional Chem Det 
Hq & Hq Co,1140th Engr (C) Gp
50th, 104th, i10th Engr (C) Bns
1st Plat, 1088th Engr Depot Co 
69th Field Hospital
Sad, 66th Portable Surgical Hospitals 
One Orthop Tm, 366th Med Serv Det 
376th Surgical Tm 
390th Neuro Surgical Tm 
5th Museum & Med Arts Det 
644th Ord Ammunition Co 
Det, 196th Ord Depot Co 
204th Ord Bomb Disposal Sq 
284th Ord Heavy Maintenance Co, 
40th QM War Dog Plat 
3260th QM Serv Co 
191st QM Gas Supply Co 
1st & 3d Plats, 3754th QM Truck Co 
1st Sec, 2d Plat, 4342d QM Serv Co 
472d, 481st Amph Truck Cos 
1st & 2d Plats, 244th QM Depot Supply 
2d Plat, 3008th QM Graves Reg Co Transportation 
200th, 291st Port Cos 
7th Counter Intelligence Corps Det 
156th Photo Interp Tm 
Base Censor Det 
Civ Correspondent Gp 
310th Hq Int Det 
News Tm A, 1st Info & Hist Serv 
Two Military Govt Dets
4th, 5th G-10 Dispensaries (USN)
32d, 33d Photo Assignment Units
Co A, 519th Military Police Bn
74th Joint Assault Sig Co

77th Infantry Division
Hq 77th Inf Div
Special Troops, 77th Inf Div
Hq Co, 77th Inf Div
Military Police Plat, 77th Inf Div
Band, 77th inf Div
77th QM Co
77th Cav Recon Tr (Mechanized)
77th Sig Co
777th Ord Light Maintenance Co
302d Med Bn
302d Engr (C) Bn
Hq & Hq Btry, Div Arty
304th, 305th, 306th, 902d FA Bns
305th, 306th, 307th Inf Regts

Antiaircraft Artillery 
93d AAA Gun Bn 
204th Radar Maintenance Unit 
7th AAA Auto Wpns Bn 
2d Plat, Btry A, 295th AAA Search-
light Bn
706th Tank Bn (Medium)
708th Amph Tank Bn
715th, 773d Amph Tractor Bn
Supply Tm, 1st Provisional Chem Det
Co A, 88th Chem Mortar Bn
Hq & Hq Co,1118th Engr (C) Gp 
132d, 233d, 242d Engr (C) Bns
693d Ord Ammunition Co 
92d Bomb Disposal Sq 
Det, 196th Ord Depot Co 
36th Field Hospital 
68th, 95th Portable Surgical Hospitals 
Det, 75th Station Hospital 
43d QM War Dog Plat 
2d Plat, 3063d QM Graves Reg Co 
477th, 828th Amph Truck Cos 
203d, 292d Port Cos 
Military Government 
Three Military Govt Dets 
6th, 7th G-10 Dispensaries (USN) 
Field Artillery 
Hq & Hq Btry, 420th FA Gp
531st, 43ad FA Bns (155mm Gun)
36th Japanese Ord of Btl Tin
292d Joint Assault Sig Co
Co B, 724th Military Police Bn
Provisional Radio Intelligence Co
Det 62d, 7th Weather Sq
Det, Air Warning Sq .#8
Amphibious Recon Bn, Fleet Marine
Force, Pacific (-Co B)
3234th Photo Assignment Unit
158th Photo Interp Tm
312th Hq Intelligence Det
Base Censor Det
77th Counter Intelligence Corps Det
Civ Correspondent Gp
News Team Co, 1st Info & Hist Serv

96th Infantry Division

Hq, 96th Inf Div
Special Troops, 96th Inf Div
Hq Co, 96th Inf Div
Military Police Plat, 96th Inf Div
Band, 96th Inf Div
96th QM Co
96th Cav Recon Tr (Mechanized)
96th Sig Co
796th Ord Light Maintenance Co
321st Med Bn
321st Engr (C) Bn
Hq & Hq Btry, Div Arty
361st, 362d, 363d, 921st FA Bns
381st, 382d, 383d Inf Regts
Antiaircraft Artillery
504th AAA Gun Bn
485th AAA Auto Wpns Bn
Btry C, 294th AAA Searchlight Bn
(-1 Plat)
Det, Air Warning Sq #8
763d Tank Bn
780th Amph Tk Bn
728th, 788th Amph Tractor Bn
Supply Tin, 1st Provisional Chem Det
Co B, 88th Chem Mortar Bn
Hq & Hq Co, 1122d Engr (C) Gp
170th, 173d, 174th Engr (C) Bns
2d Plat, 1088th Engr Dep Co
31st Field Hospital
51st, 67th Portable Surgical Hospitals
Det, 233d General Hospital
632d Ord Ammunition Co
206th Ord Bomb Disposal Sq
Det, 196th Ord Depot Co
41st QM War Dog Plat
3240th QM Serv Co
2d Sec, 2d Plat, 4342d QM Serv Co
3d Plat, 3008th QM Graves Reg Co
3d Plat, 3063d QM Graves Reg Co
474th, 827th Amph Truck Co
204th, 293d Port Cos
Military Government
Two Military Govt Dets
8th, 9th G-10 Dispensaries (USN)
160th Photo Interp Tm
3235th Photo Assignment Unit
314th Hq Intelligence Det
38th Japanese Ord of Btl Tm
Base Censor Det
Civ Correspondent Gp
News Tm B, 1st Info & Hist Serv
96th Counter Intelligence Corps Det
Co C, 519th Military Police Bn
5934 Joint Assault Sig Co

27th Infantry Division

Hq 27th Inf Div
Special Troops, 27th Inf Div
Hq CO, 27th Inf Div
Military Police Plat, 27th Inf Div
Band, 27th Inf Div
27th Cav Rcn Tr (Mechanized)
27th QM Co
27th Sig Co
727th Ord Light Maintenance Co
102d Med Bn
102d Engr (C) Bn
Hq & Hq Btry, Div Arty
104th, 105th, 106th, 249th FA Bns
105th, 106th, 165th Inf Regts

PLUS 14)
193d Tank Bn (Medium)
Hq & Hq Co, 1165th Engr (C) Gp
34th, 152d, 1341st Engr (C) Bns
68th Field Hospital
96th, 98th Portable Surgical Hospitals
219th Malaria Survey Unit
122d Malaria Control Unit
61st Ord Ammunition Co
45th QM War Dog Plat
1st Plat, 3063d QM Graves Reg Co
Military Government
15th, 16th G-10 Dispensaries (USN)
One Military Govt Det
157th Photo Interp Tin
311 th Hq Intelligence Det
Civ Correspondent Gp
35th Japanese Ord of Btl Tm
News Team E, 1st Info & Hist Serv
27th Counter Intelligence Corps Det
594th Joint Assault Sig Co

1st Marine Division

Hq Bn, 1st Marine Div 
1st Tank Bn 
1st Pioneer Bn 
1st Engr Bn 
1st Serv Bn 
1st Med Bn 
1st Motor Transport Bn 
11th Marines (Arty Regt) 
1st, 5th, 7th Marines (Inf Regt)
4th Joint Assault Sig Co
Det, Air Warning Sq 
Co B, 51st Military Police Bn (USA) 
3d 454th Amph Truck Cos 
3d Provisional Armd Amph Bn 
1st, 8th Amph Tractor Bns 
4th War Dog Plat 
4th Provisional Rocket Det 
3d Marine Observation Sq 
Zd Plat, 1st Bomb Disposal Co 
ad Plat, 1st Laundry Co 
Two Military Govt Dets (USA) 
17th, 18th G-10 Dispensaries (USN) 
145th Naval Construction Bn (USN)

6th Marine Division

Hq Bn, 6th Marine Div 
6th Tank Bn 
6th Pioneer Bn 
6th Engr Bn 
6th Serv Bn 
6th Med Bn 
6th Motor Transport Bn 
15th Marines (Arty Regt) 
4th, 22d, 29th Marines (Inf Regts)
6th Joint Assault Sig Co
Det, Air Warning Sq
Co C, 51st Military Police Bn (USA)
6th, 814th Amph Truck Cos
1st Armd Amph Tractor Bn
4th, 9th Amph Tractor Bns
1st War Dog Plat
5th Provisional Rocket Det

6th Marine Observation Sq
3d Plat, 1st Bomb Disposal Co
3d Plat, 1st Laundry Co
Two Military Govt Dets (USA)
10th, 11th G-10 Dispensaries (USN) 
58th Naval Construction Bn 
11th Spec Naval Construction Bn 
(-Hq Det & 3 Cos)

Tactical Air Force

Hq & Hq Sq, 301st Fighter Wing 
318th Fighter Gp
19th, 73d, 3334 Fighter Sqs
548th Night Fighter Sq
413th Fighter Gp
1st, 21st, 34th Fighter Sqs
907th Fighter Gp
463d, 464th, 465th Fighter Sqs
337th Air Serv Gp
Hq & Base Serv Sq
371st Engr Sq
577th Materiel Sq
364th Air Serv Gp
Hq & Base Serv Gp
612th Engr Sq
622d Materiel Sq
557th Air Serv Gp
Hq & Base Serv Sq
987th Engr Sq
992d Materiel Sq
342d Station Complement Sq
460th Aviation Sq
Hq & Hq Sq, VII Bomber Command 
11th Bomb Gp, Heavy
26th, 42d, 98th, 431st Bomb Sqs
494th Bomb Gp, Heavy
864th, 865th, 866th, 867th Bomb Sqs
41st Bomb Gp, Medium
47th, 48th, 396th, 820th Bomb Sqs
13th Air Serv Gp
Hq & Base Serv Sq
489th Engr Sq
610th Materiel Sq
57th Air Serv Gp
Hq & Base Serv Sq
613th Engr Sq
619th Materiel Sq
389th Air Serv Gp
Hq & Base Serv Sq
5934 Engr Sq
594th Materiel Sq
Hq Sq, Marine Air Wing-2
Marine Air GP-33
Hq Sq-33
Serv Sq-33
VMF-312, 322, 323 (Marine
Fighter Sqs)
VMF-543 (Marine Fighter Sq,
VMTB-232 (Marine Torpedo
Bomber Sq)
Marine Air GP-31
Hq Sq-31
Serv Sq-31
VMF-224, 311, 441 (Marine
Fighter Sqs)
VMF-542 (Marine Fighter Sq,
Marine Air Gp-14
Hq Sq-14
Serv Sq-14
VMF-212, 222, 223 (Marine
Fighter Sqs)
Marine Air GP-22
Hq Sq-22
Serv Sq-22
VMF-113, 314, 422 (Marine
Fighter Sqs)
VMF-533 (Marine Fighter Sq,
Marine Observation Sq-7

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