Endnotes for Chapter VI

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7 Converted from figure of 16,300 ship tons given in Shipping Rpts. SWP Office

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15 Data sheet forwarded by Dist Engr to U.S. Naval Observer, Basra, 20 Jul 42. DE File P-9, Ports and Harbor Facilities, NADEF, A 1,000-foot lighterage wharf directed to be built was never begun "because of the failure to reach a decision as to the desired location." Sells Rpt.

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27 Lt Walter W. Santelman, succeeded, Jan 43, by Capt Earl L. Icke.

28 Barges also supplied by the Palatka Shipbuilding Company, Palatka, Fla.; the Scott-Graff Company, Duluth, Minn.; the Brownsville Shipbuilding Corporation, Brownsville, Tex.; the Lyons Construction Company, Whitehall, Mich.; and the C. D. Johnson Lumber Company, Toledo, Oreg.

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34 Lt. Col. H. G. Van Vlack, chief of the health section; Capt. Paul D. Troxler, chief of the engineering section; Arthur W. DuBois, assistant to the foreign manager of Folspen; and David F. Giboney, assistant chief engineer of Folspen.

35 (1) See Kermit Roosevelt, Arabs, Oil and History (New York: Harper & Brothers, 1949), Ch. XVIII, "Iran: Tribesmen, Soldiers and Intrigue." (2) Memo of Conf, 9 May 42. DE File C-3, Conferences, NADEF. Present: the Governor of Khuzistan; Colonel Lieber; Maj. C. M. Hearn, chief of operations for the district engineer; Charles Sells; and the local Iranian labor contractor, Mr. Nassery. (3) Some dental work performed at Colonel Van Mack's hospital at Ahwaz for certain local personages contributed to co-operative and friendly relations. Notes and comments cited n. 11.

36 (1) Memo, by DuBois, Jan 43, sub: Report on Relations with Tribal Elements with Special Reference to American Operations in Southwestern Iran. Submitted to MID where it was impossible to locate a copy. Copy seen during interview with Mr. DuBois, Washington, 2 May 1947. ( 2 ) Ltr, DuBois to author, 25 May 50.

37 (1) Conference at Washington, 14 October 1942, attended by Col. Stanley L. Scott, Chief of Staff, Persian Gulf, SOS; Colonel Lieber; Mr. Ruge; Col. Roy C. L. Graham, G-4, SOS; and Col. Theodore M. Osborne. NA 2175 (AMSIR) 2, NADEF. After the success of the American plan, Brigadier Douglas, British commander responsible for the security of the area in which the Americans were operating, abandoned plans to post 3,000 armed guards in Luristan, and entered into arrangements with the Lurs for safeguarding the ISR between Andimeshk and Dorud. Interv cited n. 36 (1). ( 2 ) Sam Pope Brewer, "Iran Incorporates Tribes into Army," The New York Times, May 14, 1949.

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39 1) Sells Rpt. ( 2 ) Notes and comments cited n. 11.

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41 History: United States Military Iranian Mission, 20 Mar 43, prepared for Col Don G. Shingler, Chief of Mission, by 1st Lt Victor E. Dietze, Hist Off. PGF 242.

42 For proposals, plans, and authorizations respecting termination and subsequent military construction activity, see: Rad AMSME 1869, Somervell to Maxwell, 18 Nov 42; Rad AMSME, 2797, Maxwell to Somervell, 27 Nov 42, repeated, Rad, Maxwell to Connolly, 4 Dec 42; Ltr, Maxwell to Connolly, 3 Dec 42, sub: Termination of Spencer, White & Prentis and Foley Bros. Contracts, with 1st wrapper ind, Scott, CofS, PGSC, to Osborne, Dir of Cons, PGSC, 14 Dec 42, and 2d wrapper ind, Osborne to Connolly, 14 Dec 42; Ltr, Osborne to CG, PGSC, 5 Dec 42, sub: Cancellation of Contract DA-W-1098-Eng-109 with Foley Bros., Inc., and Spencer, White & Prentis, Inc.; Rad C-368, Connolly to Maxwell, 12 Dec 42; Rad 279-Z, Maxwell to Connolly, 14 Dec 42; Rad AMSME 3305, Lt Gen Frank M. Andrews, CG, USAFIME, to Somervell, 18 Dec 42; Rad AMSME 2510, Somervell to Maxwell, 25 Dec 42; Rad AMSIR BASRA 321-Z, Maxwell to Connolly, 30 Dec 42. PGF 239.

43 The second Iranian District engineer was Lt. Col. Carl L. Meng; the third, Colonel Osborne; the fourth, Colonel McGlone; and the fifth, Captain Cape.

44 List in Information for Completion Report cited n. 17 (3 ), pp. 12-13.

45 Interwwith Sells, Pleasantville, N. Y., 28 Oct 44.

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48 (1) Plan of Operation on Work under Direction of United States District Engineer, 31 Dee 42. DE File C-11.2, Correspondence on Directives, NADEF. (2) Ltr, Dir of Cons to CofS, PGSC, Basra, 31 Dec 42. 611 Roads, SL 9042.

49 (1) Rpt cited n. 8 (1) ( 2 ) Ltr, Contracting Off, NAD, to Folspen, 22 Apr 44, citing Final Estimate for Work Performed to Dec 31, 1942, and Rpts submitted to Div Engr, 27 Apr 43 and 10 May 43. SWP Office. (3) Rpt cited n. 2.

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