Endnotes for Chapter XIV

1 (1) A Brief Description of the Development and Present Operations of the Persian Gulf Command, prepared 31 Aug 44 for the Superintendent, U.S. Military Academy, and transmitted by Ltr, 24 Oct 44. Historical Report 1944, SL 8997. (2) This chapter makes extensive use of HOTI, Pt. II, Chs. 3-5, U.S. Truck Assembly Plants, by Laurence P. Corbett. PGF. (3 ) Tables 7, 8, 9, and Charts 4, 5.

2 (1) Hist Rpt, Plants Br, Opns Div, Hq, PGSC, 22 Jul 43. PGF 125-F. (2) See also SO 68, Hq, PGC, 15 Mar 45. (3) HOTI, Pt. I, Ch. 8, sec. 5, History of the Plants Branch, Operations Division, Hq, PGC, by Laurence P. Corbett. PGF.

3 In January 1944 the 3556th Ordnance Medium Automotive Maintenance Company was assigned to TAP II and the detachments of the 506th and 3474th were reassigned.

4 Diary Report and Information on Condition of TAP I, Andimeshk, on Termination of General Motors Contract, by Capt Jack C. Schoo, Ord Sec, Opns, Plants Br, TAP I, 6 Jul 43. PGF 70.

5 Computed from: (1) Hist Rpt, Plants Br, Opns Div, Hq, PGC 6 Mar 45, Incl 4, Table, Truck Assembly Time and Cost per Truck Produced at TAP II, Khorramshahr, Period from Jul 43 through 31 Jan 45. PGF 125-Z. (2) Hist Rpt, TAP II, for Feb 45, 9 Mar 45. PGF 23-Z.

6 Opns Div, PGC, Manual for Dec 44.

7 Rpt cited n. 2 (1).

8 (1) Hist Rpt, TAP II, for Sep 43. PGF 23-I. (2) Hist Rpt, TAP II, for Sep 44. PGF 23-U. (3) Report of Military Police Activities, PGC, United States Army, Pt. II, sec. III, and Pt. III, sec. II. PGF 130.

9 HOTI, Pt. I, Ch. 7, History of Civilian Personnel Branch Activities, Administration Division, Hq, PGC, by Col Richard W. Cooper, p. 19. PGF.

10 (1) The article by Nels Anderson, "Give Us More American Education," Survey Graphic, January 1946, pages 13ff., tallies with the detailed labor records kept by the Army, as well as with the testimony of civilian foremen and service troops who worked with native workers in the truck assembly plants. (2) General Scott, Chief of Staff, PGC, in an address at Khorramshahr on 26 January 1944, marking the end of the first year's operations at TAP II, thanked "the officers and men of the PGC, the Russian troops, and the Iranian workmen" equally for their contribution to the war in their truck assembly work. PGF 244.

11 See under 9 Jun and 18 Nov 43, and 22 May 44. MID 451.2 (22 May 44) (25 Jun 43 ).

12 Memo, 28 Nov 44. AG 400.3295, Hq Amet.

13 Exclusive of the 599 vehicles noted Tables 8, 9, n. c.

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