AH-64A Apache Attack Helicopter

The AH-64A Apache is the Army's principal attack helicopter. Built to endure front-line environments, it can operate during the day or night and in adverse weather utilizing the integrated helmet and display sight system. The AH-64A is also equipped with some of the latest avionics and electronics, such as the target acquisition designation sight, pilot night vision system, radar jammer, infrared countermeasures, and nap-of-earth navigation. The Apaches employed in Southwest Asia also had the global positioning system.

Length: 58.3 feet with rotors
Wingspan: 16.3 feet
Width: 6.5 feet ,
Height: 12.7 feet
Weight: 10.5 tons
Speed: 227 miles per hour
Range: 300 miles
Crew: 2

ARMAMENT (various combinations)
HELLFIRE missiles
Hydra 70 rocket,
30-mm. chain gun

Line Drawing: AH-64A

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