CH-47D Chinook Transport Helicopter

The CH-47D Chinook is a highly versatile heavy-lift helicopter. Its primary missions range from troop movements and artillery emplacement to battlefield resupply. With its triple-hook cargo system, the CH-47D is able to carry heavy payloads-for example, bulldozers and forty-foot containers-and still travel at speeds over 155 miles per hour. In air assault operations it often serves as the principal mover of the 155-mm. M198 howitzer, thirty rounds of ammunition, and an eleven-man crew. Like most Army helicopters, the Chinook is equipped with advanced avionics and electronics, including the global positioning system.

Length: 98.9 feet with rotors
Width: 12.4 feet
Height: 18.9 feet
Weight: 27 tons
Payload: 12.5 tone (internal)
12.5-17 tons (external)
Speed: 177 miles per hour
Range: 706 miles
Crew: 4

Line Drawing: CH-47D

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