M1 Series, Abrams Main Battle Tank

The Ml series Abrams, the Army's principal combat tank, can operate in all climate and light conditions. Several versions were deployed to Southwest Asia, primarily the M1A1. The M1A1's advanced armor, superior maneuverability, low profile, chemical overpressure system, and compartmentalized fuel and ammunition stores provide the crew with levels of battlefield protection that surpass any other tank, and its main gun is capable of making catastrophic kills in excess of 3,000 meters. During Operations DESERT SHIELD-DESERT STORM Some M1A1s were modified with add-on armor and others were equipped with mine rollers and mine plows for breaching obstacles and clearing minefields.

Length: 32.3 feet with gun
Width: 12 feet
Height: 8 feet
Weight: 62.9 tons
Speed: 41 miles per hour
Range: 288 miles
Crew: 4

Primary: 105-mm. gun (M1)
120-mm. Smoothbore gun (M1A1)

Secondary: .50-caliber machine gun
7.62-mm. machine gun

Line Drawing: M1A1

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