M551A1 Sheridan Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle

The M551AI Sheridan was one of the first pieces of equipment rushed into Saudi Arabia during operation DESERT SHIELD. Unlike main battle tanks, the Sheridan can be dropped by parachute, making it an important part of the combat power of the 82d Airborne Division. Most systems have been upgraded and improved since the Sheridan was introduced in the 1960s. For example, the M551AI has enhanced thermal-imaging and targeting sights. Its gun-launcher fires both conventional munitions and Shillelagh missiles.

Length: 20.6 feet
Width: 9.2 feet
Height: 7.6 feet
Weight: 17.5 tone
Speed: 43 miles per hour
Mange: 372 miles
Crew: 4

Primary: 152-mm. gun-launcher

Secondary: .50-caliber machine gun
7.62-mm. machine gun

Line Drawing: M551A1

page created 11 June 2001

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