M113 Series Armored Personnel Carrier

The M113 series was used widely by the U.S. Army and coalition forces during Operations DESERT SHIELD-DESERT STORM as an infantry and engineer squad carrier, a medical evacuation carrier, and a maintenance support vehicle. Other variations include an add-on dozer blade, a Vulcan weapon system (M163) for antiaircraft defense, a TOW launch assembly (M901), and a command-and-control vehicle (M577). The upgraded M113A3 has added span suppression liners, armored external fuel tanks, a more powerful engine and transmission, and mounting plates for the optional bolt-on aluminum armor.

Length: 25.8 feet
Width: 8.7 feet
Height: 8.3 feet
Weight: 13.3 tons
Speed: 41 miles per hour
Range: 300 miles
Crew: 2
Passengers: 7

Type: .50-caliber machine gun

Line Drawing: M113A3, M163, M901, M577

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