M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle

The M728 is based on the hull of the M60 tank. A dozer blade is mounted to the front of the hull and an A-frame crane is hinged to either side of the turret. In traveling mode the crane is folded down around the rear of the turret. The main gun fires several types of ammunition, to include antipersonnel rounds. During Operation DESERT STORM M728s were used to augment M1A1s equipped with mine rollers and mine plows.

Length: 29.3 feet (crane folded)
Width: 12 feet
12.2 feet with blade
Height: 10.5 feet
Weight: 58.5 tons
Speed: 30 miles per hour
Range: 279 miles
Crew: 4

Primary: 165-mm. demolition gun

Secondary: .50-caliber machine gun
7.62-mm. machine gun

Line Drawing: M728

page created 11 June 2001

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