155-mm. M109 series Self-Propelled Howitzer

The M109 was first introduced in the early 1960s. Continually upgraded and improved, it is still the primary indirect fire support weapon of maneuver brigades of armored and mechanized infantry divisions. The versions deployed to Southwest Asia were the M109A2 or later models with a longer gun tube.

Length: 30 feet
Width: 10.3 feet
Height: 10.7 feet
Weight: 27.4 tons
Speed: 35 miles per hour
Range: 216 miles
Crew: 6

Primary: 155-mm. howitzer

Secondary: .50-caliber or 7.62-mm. machine gun
Rate of fire: 3 rounds per minute (maximum)
1 round per minute (sustained)
Range: 18,000 meters
23,500 meters with rocket-assisted projectile

Line Drawing:  155-mm. M109A2

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