Multiple Launch Rocket System

The multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) delivers extreme firepower in a short time. The MLRS consists of a launcher that holds two six-rocket canisters. Primary missions are counterbattery fire and j suppression of enemy air defense systems. Each MLRS artillery rocket disperses 644 fragmentation bomblets over the target. These munitions are both antiarmor and antipersonnel.

Length: 23 feet
Width: 9.8 feet
Height: 8.5 feet
Weight: 26.6 tons
Speed: 40 miles per hour
Range: 300 miles
Crew: 3

Type: twelve 227-mm. rockets (six per canister)
Length: 13.7 feet (canister)
Width: 3.3 feet (canister)
Height: 2.7 feet (canister)
Weight: 2.5 tons (armed canister)
Rate of fire: 12 rockets in less than 1 minute
Range: 32 kilometers
Warhead: dual-purpose improved conventional munitions

Line Drawing:  Multiple Launch Rocket System

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