Army Tactical Missile System

The Army tactical missile system (ATACMS) provides artillery units with a long-range capability for destroying high-priority targets. It can operate in all climate and light conditions while remaining beyond the range of most conventional weapons. The system uses the launcher originally designed for the MLRS. The launcher holds two modified canisters, each with one missile. The exterior of ATACMS and MLRS launchers appear similar; however, ATACMS missiles are much larger and have a much greater range than MLRS artillery rockets.

Length: 23 feet
Width: 9.8 feet
Height: 8.5 feet
Weight: 26.6 tons
Speed: 40 miles per hour
Range: 300 miles
Crew: 3

Type: two Surface-to-Surface missiles (one per canister)
Length: 13.7 feet (canister)
Width: 3.3 feet (canister)
Height: 2.7 feet (canister)
Weight: 1.8 tons (armed canister)
Diameter: 2 feet (missile)
Range: in excess of 100 kilometers
Warhead: dual-purpose improved conventional munitions

Line Drawing:  Army Tactical Missile System

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