Firefinder Radars

The highly mobile Firefinder radars AN/TPQ-36 and larger AN/TPQ-37 can immediately locate enemy fire. When hostile projectiles penetrate the scanned areas) but before they even reach the target(s), the Firefinder radar back-plots and transmits enemy artillery and mortar positions, in precise coordinates, to friendly artillery fire centers to allow for counterbattery fire. The radar uses separate tracking channels and traverses in sector increments through 360 degrees. An operations shelter is set up on a cargo truck. A generator and a radar antenna, which has lightweight Kevlar armor added for protection against small-arms fire and shrapnel, are towed behind the truck. Once emplaced, a single soldier can operate the Firefinder system.

Type: artillery-, rocket-, and mortar-locating radars
Radar range: 30,000 meters (AN/TPQ-36)
50,000 meters (AN/TPQ-37)
Sector: 90 degrees
Transporter: 2.5-ton cargo truck (AN/TPO-36)
5-ton cargo truck (AN/TPQ-37)
Emplacement: 15 minutes
Displacement: 5 minutes
Crew: 8-12

Line Drawing: Firefinder Radars

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