Patriot Air Defense System

The Patriot provides protection against enemy planes and tactical ballistic missiles. The system consists of the M901 launch station, a remotely operated four-canister unit mounted on an M860 semitrailer, with its own electronics pack, data link cable, and generator. The prime mover of the M901 is either the M818 tractor or the M983 HEMTT (heavy expanded mobility tactical truck). The Patriot usually is deployed in a battery of five to eight launchers, in conjunction with an electric power plant, an OE-349/MRC antenna mast group, an AN/MPQ-53 radar unit, and an AN/MSQ-116 engagement control center. In addition, each battery has other dedicated support vehicles, to include missile reload trailer transporters and maintenance trucks.

Length: 33.3 feet
Width: 9.5 feet (outriggers up)
21.5 feet (outriggers down)
Height: 10.8 feet
Weight: 11.2 tons
Range: transporter dependent

Type: four surface-to-air missiles (one per canister)
Length: 20.1 feet (canister)
Width: 3.5 feet (canister)
Height: 3.2 feet (canister)
Weight: 1.8 tons (armed canister)
Velocity: Mach 3.7
Altitude: 24,240 meters
Range: 160 kilometers
Warhead: high explosive

Line Drawing: Patriot Air Defense System

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