Heavy Equipment Transporter System

The heavy equipment transporter system (HETS) is used to transport, deploy, and evacuate tanks and other heavy vehicles. It consists of either the M746 or the M911 truck tractor, with the M747 semitrailer. During Operations DESERT SHIELD-DESERT STORM the NETS vehicles were employed primarily to haul M1A1 series tanks. However, they demonstrated poor durability when loads exceeded 60 tons.

  M911 M746 M747
Length: 30 feet 27 feet 48.2 feet
Width: 9.5 feet 10 feet 11.5 feet
Height: 11.8 feet 10 feet 6.8 feet
Weight: 26.3 tons 25.8 tons 17.1 tons
Speed: 43 miles per hour 38 miles per hour  
Range: 614 miles 200 miles  
Crew: 2 2  
Line Drawing: Heavy Equipment Transporter System

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