Appendix C

This appendix provides general, unofficial information on the characteristics and armament of selected equipment used by the Iraqi forces during the war in Southwest Asia. The Iraqis employed items captured from Iran and Kuwait as well as those purchased on the international arms market. Their practice of battlefield reclamation, together with their upgrades and modifications, produced an assortment of unique equipment made from mix-and-match parts. Many variants by country of origin and diverse specialty vehicles are not covered. For additional technical information, readers should consult the following: reference books published by Jane's Information Group (1340 Braddock Place, Suite 300, Alexandria, Va. 22314), among them Jane's Armour and Artillery, Jane's Infantry Weapons, and Jane's Weapon Systems; and selected training publications prepared by Army organizations, such as Identifying the Iraqi Threat and How They Fight (August 1990), How They Fight: Desert Shield Order of Battle Handbook (September 1990), the Aviator's Recognition Manual (FM 1-402, August 1984), and the Field Order of Battle Handbook (May 1989).

The line drawings are provided for identification and are not drawn to a standard scale. Statistical data is approximate.

T-54/T-55 Series Main Battle Tank

T-62 Main Battle Tank

T-72 Series Main Battle Tank

BMD-1 Airborne Combat Vehicle

BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

BMP-2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

M-1974 Series Artillery Command and Reconnaissance Vehicle

BRDM-2 Scout Vehicle

BTR-50P/BTR-50PK Armored Personnel Carrier

BTR-60PB Armored Personnel Carrier

MT-LB Series Armored Personnel Carrier

YW-531 Series Armored Personnel Carrier

EE-9 Cascavel Armored Car

EE-11 Urutu Armored Personnel Carrier

AML 90 Light Car

VCR Armored Personnel Carrier

M-3 Armored Personnel Carrier

105-mm. Model 56 Pack Howitzer

122-mm. D-30 Howitzer

130-mm. M-46 Field Gun

152-mm. D-20 Gun-Howitzer

155-mm. G5 Gun-Howitzer

155-mm. GH N-45 Gun Howitzer

8-inch M115 Howitzer

100-mm. T-12/MT-12 Antitank Gun

105-mm. M-56 Howitzer

122-mm. M-1974 (2S1) Self-Propelled Howitzer

152-mm. M-1973 (2S3) Self-Propelled Howitzer

155-mm. GCT Self-Propelled Gun

107-mm. Type 63 Multiple Rocket Launcher

BM-21 Multiple Rocket Launcher System

FROG-7 Artillery Rocket System

SS-1C Scud-B System

14.5-mm. ZPU-1 Antiaircraft Gun

14.5-mm. ZPU-2 Antiaircraft Gun

14.5-mm. ZPU-4 Antiaircraft Gun

23-mm. ZU-23-2 Antiaircraft Gun

37-mm. M-1939 Antiaircraft Gun

57-mm. S-60 Antiaircraft Gun

23-mm. ZU-23-4 Self-Propelled Antiaircraft Gun

57-mm. ZSU-57-2 Self-Propelled Antiaircraft Gun

SA-6 (GAINFUL) System

SA-8 (GECKO) System

SA-9 (GASKIN) System

SA-13 (GOPHER) System

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