Staff Ride Series

The Lincoln Assassination

The Lincoln Assassination

Joseph A. Beard and Shane D. Mackowicki

Staff Ride Guide
CMH Pub 35-4-1, Paper
2020; 128 pages, maps, illustrations

GPO S/N: 008-029-00654-5

The Lincoln Assassination Staff Ride Guide presents a historical account of the infamous plot to assassinate the president and several of his cabinet members. Using this book as a reference and guide, staff ride participants will study significant political, strategic, legal, and military lessons; analyze decision-making processes during times of crisis; and revisit the historic sites associated with the assassination's planning, execution, and aftermath—including the site of the conspirators' trial by military commission. Drawing upon both primary and secondary sources, this guide encourages participants to engage with complex lessons concerning the military, civilian government, legal jurisprudence, and the practice of historical study itself.

In addition to the usual components of a staff ride guide (historic overview and analysis, suggestions for further reading, selected biographical sketches, and recommended stops), this guide also offers excellent tips for staff ride planners as well as suggested discussion topics designed to stimulate critical thinking skills and assist participants in drawing connections to present-day challenges.

The Center of Military History is pleased to present its first new staff ride guide in over a decade.

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