Army Lineage Series



Robert K. Wright, Jr

CMH Pub 60-9, Cloth; CMH Pub 60-9-1, Paper
1992, 2002; 226 pages, illustrations, bibliography, glossary

GPO S/N: 008-029-00219-1, Paper

Military Police contains a brief introductory historical essay and the lineage and honors for 109 Regular Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard military police units-commands, camps, centers, brigades, groups, and battalions, the echelons authorized distinctive heraldic items. Based on official records attesting to the history of the respective units, Robert K. Wright Jr. ably captures the organizational evolution of the Military Police Corps. Unit pride is critical for blending the Army's many specialized branches into the combined arms team needed to cope with today's contingency operations, and this volume contributes directly to the MP's esprit de corps. To his credit, Wright has provided an invaluable reference tool for anyone interested in the organizational history of the Military Police Corps.

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