U.S. Army Campaigns of the Vietnam War



Richard W. Stewart

U.S. Army Campaigns of the Vietnam War
CMH Pub 76-1, Paper
2012; 68 pages, illustrations, maps, further readings

GPO S/N: 008-029-00554-9

Deepening Involvement, 1945�1965 is the first brochure published in the U.S. Army Campaigns of the Vietnam War series. Dr. Richard W. Stewart examines the activity of the U.S. Army in Vietnam beginning with members of the U.S. Office of Strategic Services in early 1945 through the aftermath of the Tonkin Gulf incident of early August 1965. During this time the United States saw its role evolve from supporting the French position after World War II to becoming an increasingly involved military advisor to the South Vietnamese. Stewart covers early U.S. support to South Vietnam through equipment and training as well as the increase of U.S. troops to protect air and naval bases from North Vietnamese attack. This 68-page brochure includes five maps.

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