U.S. Army Campaigns in Iraq


THE SURGE, 20072008

Nicholas J. Schlosser

U.S. Army Campaigns in Iraq
CMH Pub 78-1, Paper
2017; 96 pages, illustrations, maps, further readings

GPO S/N: 008-029-00613-8

The U.S. Army Center of Military History recently released The Surge, 2007–2008 by Nicholas J. Schlosser. This brochure is the first in the new series The U.S. Army Campaigns in Iraq. To set the stage, Schlosser provides an overview of the region and the situation that led to the increase in insurgent activities as well as the command structure of U.S. forces. He provides discussion of key operations during the surge including FARDH AL-QANOON, PHANTOM THUNDER, ARROWHEAD RIPPER, MARNE TORCH, and PHANTOM STRIKE. The brochure concludes with the status of forces agreement between the United States and Iraq drafted at the end of 2008.

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