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Career Program 61
Intermediate Museum Training Course

Intermediate Museum Training Course for Army Historians, Museum Personnel, and Archivists

Course Description

The Intermediate Museum Training Course is designed for those beyond entry level positions and focuses on the development, design, and interpretation of exhibits and on on-site, off-site, and online educational programming. The classroom component consists of five in-residence day sessions, Monday morning through midday Friday. The curriculum includes lectures, hands-on experiences, team projects, and visits.

The Course covers the different responsibilities, duties, procedures, and competencies of museum professionals in Series 1010 (exhibit specialist), 1015 (curator), and 1016 (museum specialist) concerning exhibits and education. However, the course is not limited to personnel bearing those titles.

Usually, the curriculum includes most of the following: Storyline Development; Exhibit projects contracted through CMH, Exhibit projects contracted outside CMH, Standards and Principles, Interpretation in the Galleries, Reaching the Soldiers, Engaging Teacher and Student Audiences, Living History Interpretation, Staff Rides, Graphics Workshop, Exhibit Writing, Critique of local museums, Army Support for Audio-Visual Products, Engaging Youth Digitally, Exhibit Design: Layouts and Lighting, Exhibit Design: Durability and Maintenance, Museums and Commemorative Events, and a Course Evaluation session.

Occasionally, the Intermediate Museum Training Course will be diverted from Exhibits and Education to another specialty such as Preservation and Conservation, in which case it is more of a hands-on rather than a lecture experience.

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There is no tuition. For those accepted into the course, CP61 will pay travel, lodging, meals and incidentals for those who have at least three years of permanent Army civilian service. Those who are interested but who lack at least three years of Army civilian service should apply nonetheless. CMH will determine whether it can fund any of those directly. Staff of National Guard Museums and other entities interested in participating, but who are not in the CP61 program, may apply to attend using their own organization’s funds.

Important note: CP 61 does not fund rental cars. Anyone wishing to have a rental car must arrange for it separately and use their command’s funds.


Generally, the Intermediate Museum Training Course is offered at the Museum Support Center, Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

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Who May Apply

Anyone in Career Program 61 may apply. If you are a supervisor and want to get new employees trained to enhance their professional development, get them to apply. No one in CP61 may apply who has not taken the Army Civilian Education System (CES) Foundation Course and the grade-appropriate CES Course (completion of the DL phase and enrollment in the residence phase is acceptable) You may attend an IMTC offered at both locations because the curriculum is significantly different.

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Selection Procedures

Please send the following to be considered for this course to by the deadline:

  • Applicant should write, and sign, a memorandum expressing interest in the course and explaining how the coursework itemized above will be beneficial (not to exceed one page), FOR Mr. Jon T. Hoffman, CP61 Functional Chief’s Representative, U.S. Army Center of Military History. Submit these as Enclosures:
    • Civilian Career Report ( followed by Go to My Biz+; Go to Key Services; Go to Civilian Career Report)
    • ACTNOW Individual Development Plan ( )
    • Scan of Completion Certificate for grade-appropriate CES Course. If applicant has only taken the distributed learning portion, he/she must submit proof of enrollment in the residence phase.
  • Send the memorandum and enclosures THRU your supervisor for initials and have him or her e-mail it with his or her concurrence to By forwarding it, your supervisor agrees to allow you time to take the course.

This is a competitive training announcement and not all applicants may be selected. All eligible applicants will be reviewed by a selection panel, which will review application packets and rate the applicants based on selected criteria.

Once candidates have been selected for the course, a Welcome Letter will follow with instructions on establishing an account in GoArmyEd (necessary for travel reimbursement of CP61 personnel), preparing a travel authorization in DTS, securing a government travel card, and making hotel reservations.

Equal Employment Opportunity

All eligible candidates will receive consideration without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, disability, political affiliation or any other non-merit factor.

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Point of Contact

For further information contact, James C. Kelly, Ph.D., Chief, Museum Programs Division/Museum Training Director, CMH at 703-805-9854 (DSN 655-9854) or via email at