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Career Program 61
CMH Orientation Course

CP-61 Competitive Professional Development (CPD) Announcement for the New Historians, Archivists, and Museum Professionals Orientation Course

Course Description

The New Historians, Archivists, and Museum Professionals Orientation Course introduces new employees to the Army Historical Program, the Army Center of Military History, its organization, and its missions. The course covers the duties, responsibilities, and procedures of CP 61 professionals, as well as their role within the wider historical program, and provides new employees with useful resources and professional contacts.

Conducted at the U.S. Army Center of Military History, the course consists of five in-residence day sessions, Monday morning through midday Friday, with a curriculum that includes lectures, hands-on experiences, and visits.

Topics of instruction will include:

  • Career Program 61
  • U.S. Army Organization and Current Doctrine
  • Army Historical and Museums Program Organization, Roles, and Responsibilities
  • Center of Military History
  • Field History Offices
  • Official History Program
  • Oral History Program
  • Lineage and Honors Program
  • Military History Detachments
  • Staff Rides
  • Museum Programs
  • The Institute of Heraldry
  • Department of Defense and Joint History Programs Overview
  • Introduction to Planning and Executing Army History Exhibits
  • Introduction to Archival Practices
  • Introduction to Researching Army History
  • Experiential learning: Writing Information Papers
  • Experiential learning: Preparing Individual Development Plans

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The course is free to members of U.S. Army Career Program 61 (0170 Historians, 1420 and 1421 Archivists, and 1010, 1015 and 1016 Museum Professionals), except for your time. Tuition, lodging, and transportation expenses to and from the training site will be funded. However, no rental cars will be paid for with CP 61 funds. Any commands wishing to provide a rental car must fund it themselves.


U.S. Army Center of Military History, Fort McNair, Washington, DC.

Who May Apply

All Army civilians in Career Program 61 who have joined the Army Historical Program during the last three years are encouraged to apply. If you are a supervisor and would like your new employees more broadly trained to enhance their professional development, encourage them to apply.

Limited slots are available for this course, and priority will go to those field history, archives, and museum personnel who have entered the system most recently (1-3 years). But consideration will be given to those with more years of service if space is available.

Proof of completion of the Army Civilian Education System (CES) Foundation Course must be sent with the application. This requirement is waived if the employee has been onboard fewer than six months however you must still be enrolled in the course with the intention of completing it before the Orientation Course begins.

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Selection Procedures

Applicants must prepare a memorandum indicating interest in the course, submitted THRU their supervisor and Activity Career Program Manager (ACPM), FOR the CP61 Functional Chief (FC). The memo must state that the applicant and supervisor have created ACTNOW and GoArmyEd accounts. These enclosures are required:

  1. Civilian Career Brief
  2. Individual Development Plan (IDP)
  3. Resume
  4. Position Description (PD)
  5. CES Foundation Course Certificate

Questions about the ACTNOW, GoArmyEd, or enclosures to the memo should be sent to (202-685-2624).

Please email the memorandum and enclosures to Supervisors who submit applications from multiple applicants within their organization should rank them in order of priority.

Applicants will be evaluated by a three-person panel and selected competitively based on information provided in the memorandum. This is a competitive training announcement and not all applicants may be selected.

Once candidates have been selected for the course, instructions will follow on how to apply for travel orders and other important details of course management.

Equal Employment Opportunity

All eligible candidates will receive consideration without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, disability, political affiliation or any other non-merit factor.

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Point of Contact

Mr. Tom Crecca, New Historians, Archivists and Museum Professionals Orientation Director, CMH,, or via phone (202) 685-2627. Ms. Camille B. Romail, CP61 Assistant,, or via phone (202) 685-2105.