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World War I Centennial Commemoration Curriculum

The Center of Military History proudly presents a standards aligned digital curriculum commemorating the World War I Centennial.

Each lesson consists of:

  1. Standards aligned Lesson Plan for 9-12th grade educators
  2. Digital Presentation
  3. Three Engagement Activities for interactive use with the digital presentation
  4. The Military Lens: An extension project with accompanying presentation slides
  5. Lesson Quiz


Lesson 1
Introduction to President Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson Portrait

Woodrow Wilson
Image Source: Library of Congress

Lesson 2
Naval Warfare and the Lusitania

Painting of Lusitania Sinking

RMS Lusitania
Image Source: German Federal Archive

Lesson 3
The Interception of the Zimmermann Telegram

Image of the Zimmermann telegram

The Zimmermann Telegram
Image Source: National Archives

Lesson 4
Declaration of War

President Woodrow Wilson asking Congress to declare war on Germany.
Image Source: Library of Congress

Lesson 5
The Nation at War

Painting of Lusitania Sinking

Historic American Newspapers. April 1917
Image Source: Library of Congress

Lesson 6
Out of the Trenches to Peace After War

Painting of Lusitania Sinking

Gas masks for man and horse demonstrated by American soldier, circa 1917-18.
Image Source: National Archives

Lesson 7: The Paris Peace Conference, Treaty of Versailles & League of Nations

Bonus Lesson:
World War I: Medicine and War

A collection of presentations by noted historians, clinicians, and experts in the field of World War I presented by the Army Medical Department Museum Foundation and the Society for the History of Navy Medicine with the support of the Army Medical Department Center of History and Heritage and financial support from the Society for Military History.

Additional Resources

U.S. Army Center of Military History Presents
"The Great War"

This series details America's involvement in the war from the causes that led to the United States entering the war through the final battles and aftermath of the peace treaty.

Episode 1 - Peace Without Victory

Episode 2 - Building An Army

More episodes coming soon...