[2-3.7 AC.F]






Martin Blumenson

B. F. Cooling, III

Ernest F. Fisher

Walter Hermes

Charles V. P. von Luttichau

Charles B. MacDonald

Billy C. Mossman

Lt. Col. H. M. Wolfe

[Note: This manuscript was prepared in 1965 by historians assigned to the Office of the Chief of Military History (now US Army Center of Military History) for reference use by members of the Office of the Chief of Staff, Army. It is typical of the kinds of "staff support" projects routinely carried out by the Center. The original is on file in the Historical Manuscripts Collection (HMC) under file number 2-3.7 AC.F, which should be cited in footnotes, along with the title. It is reproduced here with only those limited modifications required to adapt to the World Wide Web; spelling, punctuation, and slang usage have not been altered from the original. Where modern explanatory notes were required, they have been inserted as italicized text in square brackets. The original document carried a classification of SECRET, but is now unclassified. A second copy of this document is included in the Office of the Chief of Military History Collection (OCMH) under file number OCMH-4.]


TAB A U.S. Airborne Doctrinal Concepts (Dr. Ernest F. Fisher)
TAB B Airborne Troops in Ground Operations—World War II (Charles B. MacDonald)
TAB C Airborne Operations in Korea (Martin Blumenson)
187th RCT Ground Operations (B. C. Mossman)
TAB D The Lebanon Operation (B. F. Cooling, III)
TAB E The Congolese Rescue Operations (Martin Blumenson)
TAB F Airlift in the Dominican Crisis (Walter Hermes)
TAB G U.S. Airmobile Operations in Vietnam (Charles V. P. von Luttichau)
Latest Developments—1964-65 (Lt. Col. H. M. Wolfe)