1. This section was based primarily on an unpublished handout of the British Frontier Service, Historical Background of British Frontier Service, undated. See also: Facts About Germany,1979, pp.47-48; 53-54; Msg, AMEMB Bonn to SECSTATE; 281658 Aug 73, subj: Responsibilities Along FRG-GDR Border; "The Status of NATO Forces in the Federal Republic of Germany, Official Texts," undated (ca 1959). All UNCLAS.

2. (1) 7 (BR) Armd Div LOI, MG R. C. Thomson, CofS, 9 Oct 50, subj: Orders for British/Russian Interzonal Boundary. BAOR/39605/3/G(Ops). UNCLAS. (2) Msg, USCINCEUR (Lemnitzer) to JCS (Taylor), 041840 May 64, no subj. ALO-68. CONF. XGDS. (3) Msg, V Corps (AETVGB) to CINCUSAREUR, 121435 Sep 70, subj: British Frontier Service (BFS), Bonn. CONF. XGDS.

3. (1) Msg, USCINCEUR (ECJ3) to CINCUSAREUR (AEAGC-O-CO), 011700 Dec 82, subj: Border Operations in FRG. SECRET (info used UNCLAS). (2) Msg, USCINCEUR (ECJ3) to CINCUSAREUR (AEAGC), 061545 May 83, subj: Comments on Border Operations. CONF (info used UNCLAS).

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