The ADJUTANT TENTH CAVALRY, Camped near Santiago de Cuba.

SIR: I have the honor to make the following report of the work done by the medical department attached to the Tenth United States Cavalry during the fight before Santiago de Cuba on the 1st, 2d, and 3d of July, instant. The band was ordered to report to me for duty as first-aid men and litter bearers. They and the seven members of the hospital corps, with the occasional assistance of color bearers, cared for the wounded and rendered first aid during the entire fight. First Lieut. L. A. Fuller, assistant, and myself divided the hospital corps and band. I continued with the regiment the entire day. Lieutenant Fuller was with the regiment part of the day; the other part he spent at a dressing station, where some men were shot while their dressings were being attended to. The number of wounded was very great in a short time and first aid was rendered to all, irrespective of the regiment to which they belonged. The last of the wounded under my charge were sent to the rear at 3 a. m. July 2. The second and third days Lieutenant Fuller and myself were with the regiment during the entire day. The First United States Cavalry and the First Volunteer Cavalry had no surgeon with them during these days, and we rendered aid to all wounded who presented themselves. The band and hospital corps displayed great courage in dressing and removing men, oftentimes under a heavy fire.


Captain and Assistant Surgeon.