Inclosure 2
Supporting Fires

Artillery Expenditures


Unit Type Firing Location Rounds
3t/B/2-77 105mm howitzer XT243293 1 WP; 27 Illum
D/3-13 8" howitzer FSB Hampton (XT417238) 204 HE
A/1-27 155mm howitzer FSB Hull (XT263380) 430 HE; 1 WP
2t/C/2-32 8" howitzer FSB Hull (XT263380) 78 HE
Total Rounds     741

Aviation Assets


Unit Support
Co A, 25th Avn Bn 2 Night Hawk per day; 17 flamebaths; Command and Control helicopters; Resupply
Co B. 25th Avn Bn 9 LFT per day; 2 Flareships per day; Resupply
D/3-4 Cav 3 LST per day; Lift for Rangers
116th AHC Lift
187th AHC Lift
118th AHC 1 LFT (2 April)
US Air Force 3 AC-119 (Shadow)

page updated 1 June 2001

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