Inclosure 4
Composition of the Ranger Team

*Norton, Philip J. 1LT M-16; AN/PRC-25
**Floyd, Alvin W. SFC M-16; AN/PRC-25
**Hall, Colin K. SFC M-16
Stuckey, Fred B. SGT M-16
Thomas, Michael F. SGT CAR-15
Seay, Sammuel P. SGT M-16
Avery, Charles P. SGT M-16
Tinney, Donald W. SP4 M-60
Purdy, Donald E. SP4 M-16
Guth, Richard F. SP4 M-14 (Sniper)
Allmon, Raymond L. PFC M-60; .45 cal. pistol
Perez, Steven (NMI) PFC M-79
Langland, Kenneth J. PFC M-60

* Team Leader
** Assistant Team Leader


NOTE: Original document included Social Security Account Numbers (SSAN) which have been deleted to comply with the provisions of the Privacy Act.

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