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 Photo, SP4 Guth on 2 April 1970 
SP4 Guth on 02 April 1970

The following documents have been posted to the Center's home page as examples of the types of materials contained in our Vietnam Interview Collection. The original documents were all prepared by historians deployed into the theater of operations, or by units themselves. They were created to provide detailed information of value to historians at the Office of the Chief of Military History (now U.S. Army Center of Military History) when writing the definitive official history of the Vietnam War. The documents and their attachments are faithfully reproduced electronically, either through retyping or scanning, but with two exceptions: Social Security Account Numbers or Army Serial Numbers have been deleted to conform to the requirements of the Privacy Act; and classification markings have been removed. All posted documents are now unclassified; many originally carried security classifications.

Current as of: 24 November 1997