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U.S. Army military history detachments and historians conducted numerous oral histories to help document the war in Vietnam and often prepared interview reports or summaries. These historians sent many of the interview tapes and supporting documents to CMH for use in preparing the official history of the conflict. Most interviews were taped on open reel recorders and have not been converted to another tape format or transcribed.

CMH does not have the resources to duplicate interview tapes, summaries, or transcripts. Access to the VNIT collection is limited to individuals visiting CMH in Washington, DC. Interested researchers should contact the Oral History Activity at 202-761-5428 to schedule an appointment. Advance notice is required to insure that specific VNITs are accessible and that appropriate equipment is available for listening to the interviews.

VNIT-101 Advisory Team 163

End-of-tour interview conducted 11 June 1968 with CPT Joseph W. Kinzer, Advisory Team 163, Liasison Officer, 3d Airborne Brigade, Airborne Division. Interview by 20th MHD.

VNIT-259 2d Platoon, Company C, 1st Battalion, 27th Infantry

Combat after action interview, Platoon-sized Eagle Flight, 19-20 June 1968. Platoon heliborne assaults within a battalion area, seeking targets of opportunity. Area of operations is northeast of Saigon. Interview by 18th MHD.

VNIT-398 199th Infantry Brigade (Separate) (Light)

Exit interview conducted 24 June 1969 with MAJ Dennis Hightower, Brigade S-2. Discusses brigade S-2 activities, problems, and operations. Interview by 44th MHD.

VNIT-457 2d Battalion (Mechanized), 47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division

Exit interview conducted 1 July 1969 with LTC Douglas Smith, Commander, 2d Battalion, 47th Inf, 9th Infantry Division. Discusses problems of static position occupied by mech battalion. Covers rules of engagement, training, sniper program, ARVN units, administration and logistics. Interview by 19th MHD.