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Field Historians

The Center of Military History's Field Historian Program ensures that military history meets the needs of the Army and nation. The Army Historical Program preserves, interprets, disseminates, and teaches military history; provides historical advice to decision makers and their staffs; and stimulates historical mindedness within the Army and throughout the nation. Field historian operations include command historians at all levels of command, unit historians and Military History Detachments.

Command Historians

The command historian or unit historian advises the commander on historical matters relating to the command; documents the command’s history; provides historical perspective to the commander and staff during planning and execution of operations; assists with professional development and training of officers and Soldiers; and supports the Army Historical Program through the collection of historical documents and artifacts.

Military History Detachments

Field Historians

LTC David Spies (Commander, 102nd MHD) shakes hands with a local Iraqi civic official after conducting an oral history interview at the Abu Ghraib district hospital in Baghdad on February 28, 2009.

MHDs carry out directed collection of historical material during combat and contingency operations for later use in writing the official history. They are trained and equipped to gather historical documents and materials, conduct oral interviews, photograph actions and events, and advise supported units on planning and conducting historical operations. The MHD collects historical documents and materials and conducts oral history interviews throughout the Army.

Military History Detachment Vacancies

United States Army Reserve

81st Readiness Division
Team Location Openings
45th MHD Aiken, SC SSG-46S
28th MHD Ft Bragg, NC SFC-46Z, SSG-46S
317th MHD Aiken, SC MAJ-01A, SFC-46Z, SSG-46S
23rd MHD Chattanooga, TN SFC-46Z
46th MHD Birmingham, AL MAJ-01A, SFC-46Z, SSG-46S
54th MHD Birmingham, AL MAJ-01A, SFC-46Z, SSG-46S
88th Readiness Division
48th MHD Forrest Park, IL SSG-46S
49th MHD Forrest Park, IL SFC-46Z
50th MHD Salt Lake City, UT SFC-46Z, SSG-46S
99th Readiness Division (and 7th Mission Support Command)
21st MHD Ft Detrick, MD SFC-46Z
27th MHD Ft Detrick, MD COL-01A
53rd MHD Ft Detrick, MD SFC-46Z, SSG-46S
201st MHD Coraopolis, PA COL-01A
311th MHD Ft Dix, NJ MAJ-01A, SSG-46S
315th MHD Ft Indiantown Gap, PA MAJ-01A
326th MHD Coraopolis, PA SFC-46Z, SSG-46S
63rd Readiness Division (and 9th Mission Support Command)
30th MHD Ft Shafter, HI SFC-46Z
22nd MHD Bell, CA LTC-01A
51st MHD Bell, CA MAJ-01A, SSG-46S
47th MHD Bell, CA SFC-46Z, SSG-46S
35th MHD Bell, CA MAJ-01A, SFC-46Z, SSG-46S

Military History Detachment Courses

Course# Location Date
921-9E-F68/920-F58 Class 001 Ft. Dix OCT 17-22 2021
921-9E-F68/920-F58 Class 002 Ft. Knox JAN 30 2022 - FEB 04 2022
921-9E-F68/920-F58 Class 003 Ft. Dix APR 10-15 2022
921-9E-F68/920-F58 Class 004 Ft. Knox JUL 17-22 2022

Contact Us

For more information:

U.S. Army Reserve Point of Contact

Mr. Christopher J. Ghiz
Command Historian,
Office of Army Reserve History, USARC, HQ
4710 Knox Street
Fort Bragg, NC 28310

Phone: (910) 570-8194, DSN (670)

U.S. Army National Guard Point of Contact

LTC Adam A. Morgan
ARNG Historian/Field Programs Director
National Guard Bureau
111 S. George Mason Dr
Arlington, VA 22204

Phone: (703) 607-2636

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