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Field Historians

The Center of Military History's Field Historian Program ensures that military history meets the needs of the Army and nation. The Army Historical Program preserves, interprets, disseminates, and teaches military history; provides historical advice to decision makers and their staffs; and stimulates historical mindedness within the Army and throughout the nation. Field historian operations include command historians at all levels of command, unit historians and Military History Detachments.


Command Historians

The command historian or unit historian advises the commander on historical matters relating to the command; documents the command’s history; provides historical perspective to the commander and staff during planning and execution of operations; assists with professional development and training of officers and Soldiers; and supports the Army Historical Program through the collection of historical documents and artifacts.


Military History Detachments

Field Historians

LTC David Spies (Commander, 102nd MHD) shakes hands with a local Iraqi civic official after conducting an oral history interview at the Abu Ghraib district hospital in Baghdad on February 28, 2009.

MHDs carry out directed collection of historical material during combat and contingency operations for later use in writing the official history. They are trained and equipped to gather historical documents and materials, conduct oral interviews, photograph actions and events, and advise supported units on planning and conducting historical operations. The MHD collects historical documents and materials and conducts oral history interviews throughout the Army.


Point of Contact:

Ms. Jennifer Friend
Acting Director,
Office of Army Reserve History, USARC, HQ
4710 Knox Street
Fort Bragg, NC 28310

Phone: (910) 570-9595
BB: (910) 853-2957

United States Army Reserve

Team Location Openings
46 MH Team B N Little Rock, AR MAJ-01A, SFC-46Q, SSG-46Q
51 MH Team B Bell, CA SFC-46Q
45 MH Team B Ft Gillem, GA SFC-46Q, SSG-46Q
317 MH Team B Ft Gillem, GA SFC-46Q, SSG-46Q
30 MH Team B Honolulu, HI SFC, 46Q
49 MH Team B Forest Park, IL SSG-46Q
54 MH Team B New Orleans, LA SFC-46Q
101 MH Team B Leavenworth, KS MAJ-01A
21 MH Team B Ft. Detrick, MD SFC-46Q, SSG-46Q
53 MH Team B Owings Mill, MD SFC-46Q, SSG-46Q
28 MH Team B Chattanooga, TN SFC-46Q
47 MH Team B JBLM, WA MAJ-01A, SFC-46Q, SSG-46Q

Military History Detachment Courses

Course# Location Date
921-9E-F68/920-F8 Class 001 Ft. Dix 05-09 Nov 2018 with a report date of 4 Nov
921-9E-F68/920-F8 Class 002 Ft. Dix 20-24 May 2019 with a report date of 19 May
921-9E-F68/920-F8 Class 003 Ft. Knox 08-12 July 2019 with a report date of 07 May

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned is the concept of collecting information and performing tactical, technical, and doctrinal analysis with the goal of improving how the Army performs operations. This section provides lessons learned from various historians, MHD’s and other history related elements to provide a professional development opportunity. Feel free to provide lessons learned to help improve the way we conduct history operations.



This section offers history related articles to provide some greater understanding of the history profession, both military and civilian. Feel free to write or recommend articles that will improve our awareness and skills.