Covert Legions

U.S. Army Intelligence in Germany, 1944-1949

Thomas Boghardt

  • CMH Pub 45-5, Cloth; CMH Pub 45-5-1, Paper
  • 2022; 546 pages, maps, illustrations, index
  • GPO S/N: Pending, Paper

Covert Legions examines the organization and operations of U.S. Army Intelligence in American-occupied Germany from 1944 to 1949. The book explores how Army Intelligence pursued Nazi war criminals, recruited German scientists for the U.S. military, and enlisted rising policy-makers, such as future president Theodor Heuss and future chancellor Willy Brandt. It also reveals how intelligence shaped American perceptions of Soviet policy in Europe and helped to avoid war over the Berlin blockade in 1948/49.

Covert Legions draws on official intelligence records, including numerous documents declassified specifically for this volume.