Modern War in an Ancient Land

The United States Army in Afghanistan, 2001-2014

Edmund J. "E. J." Degen and Mark J. Reardon

  • Global War on Terrorism Series
  • CMH Pub 59-1, Paper
  • 2021; 965 pages (2 Volumes), illustrations, maps, index
  • GPO S/N: 008-029-00656-1

These volumes, prepared by the Operation Enduring Freedom Study Group, present an operational-level narrative of how the U.S. Army formed, trained, deployed, and employed its forces in Afghanistan from October 2001 to December 2014. To write this history, the study group embarked on an extensive research program, conducting oral history interviews with dozens of key military and civilian leaders. These volumes contain a total of fifty maps, a wide range of campaign photography and artwork, and volume-specific indexes.