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Army History and Heritage
General Paul E. Funk II, United States Army

  • Chapter 1 [Download PDF - 6.5MB]

    Founding the Nation:

    The Revolutionary War Through the War of 1812

  • Chapter 2 [Download PDF - 6.6MB]

    Preserving the Nation:

    The Army In Continental Conflicts, 1817–1890

  • Chapter 3 [Download PDF - 6MB]

    The Nation Overseas:

    The U.S. Army From the Spanish-american War To World War II, 1898–1939

  • Chapter 4
    Coming Soon
  • Chapter 5
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  • Chapter 6 [Download PDF - 5MB]

    Cold War:

    From the End of World War II to the Fall of the Soviet Union

  • Chapter 7
    Coming Soon