Commanding Generals and Chiefs of Staff, 1775-2022

Portraits & Biographical Sketches of the United States Army’s Senior Officer

William G. Bell

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Commanding Generals and Chiefs of Staff, 1775-2022, first published in 1983 and periodically updated while preserving its original purpose and scope, continues the institutional history of the present-day Office of the Chief of Staff of the Army followed by side-by-side presentations of the biography and official portrait of the Army's senior officer in the line of succession. By and large the commanding generals and chiefs of staff leading the Army in peace and war moved in a competitive environment with evolving responsibilities in trying circumstances, their rise through the levels of leadership to the pinnacle of their profession revealing both striking parallels and fascinating contrasts. Interesting, informative, and inspiring, Commanding Generals and Chiefs of Staff honors these officers for their contributions as eminent leaders in the history of the Army and in the history of the nation. It is a valuable reference source for those interested in generalship at the highest levels. Although the complexity of technology and staff organization has increased radically over time, the essential elements of leadership remain unchanged.

Commanding Generals and Chiefs of Staff

Commanding Generals and
Chiefs of Staff

by William G. Bell

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