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1st Battalion, 82d Aviation Regiment

Lineage and Honors Information as of 10 July 2009

1st Battalion, 82d Aviation Regiment Lineage

Constituted 15 November 1962 in the Regular Army as Company A, 82d Aviation Battalion, an element of the 82d Airborne Division

Activated 7 December 1962 at Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Reorganized and redesignated 15 January 1987 as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 82d Aviation, and remained assigned to the 82d Airborne Division (organic elements concurrently constituted and activated)

Battalion redesignated 1 October 2005 as the 1st Battalion, 82d Aviation Regiment

1st Battalion, 82d Aviation Regiment Honors

Campaign Participation Credit

Vietnam: *Defense; *Counteroffensive; *Counteroffensive, Phase II; *Counteroffensive, Phase V; *Counteroffensive, Phase VI; *Tet 69/Counteroffensive; *Summer-Fall 1969; *Winter-Spring 1970

Armed Forces Expeditions: Dominican Republic; *Grenada; *Panama

Southwest Asia: *Defense of Saudi Arabia; *Liberation and Defense of Kuwait

War on Terrorism: Campaigns to be determined


*Presidential Unit Citation (Army), Streamer embroidered DONG XOAI

*Presidential Unit Citation (Army), Streamer embroidered IRAQ

*Valorous Unit Award, Streamer embroidered BAQUBAH, IRAQ

*Meritorious Unit Commendation (Army), Streamer embroidered VIETNAM 1965-1966

*Meritorious Unit Commendation (Army), Streamer embroidered SOUTHWEST ASIA 1990-1991

*Meritorious Unit Commendation (Army), Streamer embroidered IRAQ 2006-2007

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