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7th Brigade, 84th Division (Training)

Lineage and Honors Information as of 19 February 1997

7th Brigade, 84th Division (Training) Lineage

Constituted 5 August 1917 in the National Army as the 309th Supply Train and assigned to the 84th Division

Organized 7 September 1917 at Camp Zachary Taylor, Kentucky

Demobilized June-July 1919 at Camp Sherman, Ohio

Reconstituted 21 September 1936 in the Organized Reserves; concurrently consolidated with the 409th Quartermaster Regiment (organized in November 1921 in the Organized Reserves as the 84th Division Train, Quartermaster Corps, with Headquarters at Indianapolis, Indiana; redesignated 23 March 1925 as the 84th Division Quartermaster Train; redesignated 1 July 1936 as the 409th Quartermaster Regiment) and consolidated unit designated as the 409th Quartermaster Regiment, an element of the 84th Division

Redesignated 23 February 1942 as the 409th Quartermaster Battalion

Redesignated (less Ordnance Maintenance Platoon, Headquarters Company) 27 September 1942 as the 84th Quartermaster Company, an element of the 84th Infantry Division (Ordnance Maintenance Platoon, Headquarters Company--hereafter separate lineage)

Ordered into active military service 15 October 1942 and reorganized at Camp Howze, Texas

84th Quartermaster Company inactivated 24 January 1946 at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey

Redesignated 19 December 1946 as the 84th Airborne Quartermaster Company (84th Infantry Division concurrently redesignated as the 84th Airborne Division)

Activated 19 May 1947 at Green Bay, Wisconsin

Location changed 17 March 1948 to Appleton, Wisconsin

(Organized Reserves redesignated 25 March 1948 as the Organized Reserve Corps; redesignated 9 July 1952 as the Army Reserve)

Reorganized and redesignated 1 March 1952 as the 84th Quartermaster Company (84th Airborne Division concurrently redesignated as the 84th Infantry Division)

Location changed 16 December 1957 to Menasha, Wisconsin

Disbanded 18 May 1959 at Menasha, Wisconsin

Reconstituted 24 November 1967 in the Army Reserve as the 84th Committee Group and assigned to the 84th Division (Training)

Activated 31 January 1968 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Reorganized and redesignated 1 September 1971 as Headquarters, 84th Committee Group

Reorganized and redesignated 15 October 1978 as Headquarters, 84th Training Command, an element of the 84th Division (Training)

Inactivated 16 October 1984 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Redesignated 16 November 1996 as Headquarters, 7th Brigade, 84th Division (Training), and activated at Milwaukee, Wisconsin

7th Brigade, 84th Division (Training) Honors

Campaign Participation Credit

World War I: Streamer without inscription

World War II: Rhineland; Ardennes-Alsace; Central Europe


Meritorious Unit Commendation (Army) for EUROPEAN THEATER

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