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84th Engineer Company

Lineage and Honors Information as of 13 November 2009

84th Engineer Company Lineage

Constituted 30 April 1943 in the Army of the United States as the 521st Engineer Combat Company

Activated 6 May 1943 on Saint Paul Island, Alaska

Disbanded 15 November 1944 on Shemya Island, Alaska

Reconstituted 26 November 1946 in the Army of the United States

Redesignated 12 February 1954 as the 84th Engineer Company and allotted to the Regular Army

Activated 15 March 1954 on Okinawa

Inactivated 26 March 1956 on Okinawa

Redesignated 6 May 1957 as the 84th Armored Engineer Company

Activated 1 June 1957 in Germany

Reorganized and redesignated 10 June 1960 as the 84th Engineer Company

Inactivated 15 April 1992 in Germany

Activated 15 January 1994 at Fort Polk, Louisiana

Inactivated 15 April 2005 at Fort Polk, Louisiana

Activated 16 October 2009 at Fort Richardson, Alaska

84th Engineer Company Honors

Campaign Participation Credit

World War II: Aleutian Islands

Southwest Asia: Defense of Saudi Arabia; Liberation and Defense of Kuwait; Cease-Fire

War on Terrorism: Campaigns to be determined


Presidential Unit Citation (Army) for IRAQ 2003

Presidential Unit Citation (Army) for IRAQ 2003-2004

Valorous Unit Award for IRAQ 1991

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