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Organized in May 1791 from existing elements in the Virginia Militia at Richmond as the Richmond City Regiment

Reorganized and redesignated 31 December 1791 as the 19th Regiment

While remaining in state service, the 19th Regiment formed the following unit for Federal service:

First Corps d’Elite Brigade of Virginia Militia, Colonel Thomas Mann Randolph
commanding, mustered into Federal service in 1813 to consist of:

Richmond Volunteers
Flying Artillery, Captain William Wirt
Rifle Company, Captain William H. Richardson
Richmond Light Infantry Blues

First Corps d’Elite Brigade mustered out of Federal service in 1814

Elements mustered into Federal service 14-16 December 1846 at Richmond; mustered out of Federal service 1-2 August 1848 at Fort Monroe, Virginia

Reorganized and redesignated 31 March 1848 as the 19th (Richmond City) Regiment

        Consolidated 1 May 1851 with the 179th (Richmond [organized in 1848]),
23d (Chesterfield County [organized in 1791]), and 33d (Henrico County [organized in 1791]) Regiments, and consolidated unit designated as the 1st Regiment, Virginia Volunteers, with Headquarters at Richmond

Mustered into state service 21 April 1861 at Richmond



Reorganized and redesignated 1 July 1861 as the 1st Virginia Infantry; concurrently, mustered into Confederate service at Manassas

Paroled 9 April 1865 at Appomattox, Virginia

Reconstituted 25 October 1871 in the Virginia Volunteers as the 1st Regiment of Infantry with Headquarters at Richmond

(Companies A, B, and C mustered into Federal service in May 1898 as Companies M, B, and I, 2d Virginia Volunteer Infantry, respectively; Company F mustered into Federal service 20 May 1898 as Company M, 3d Virginia Volunteer Infantry)

(Companies M, B, and I, 2d Virginia Volunteer Infantry, mustered out of Federal service in December 1898; Company M, 3d Virginia Volunteer Infantry, mustered out of Federal service 5 November 1898)

1st Regiment of Infantry disbanded 29 April 1899

(Companies assigned 10 October 1900 to the 70th Infantry Regiment, Virginia Volunteers)

Reconstituted 1 September 1908 in the Virginia Volunteers as the 1st Infantry

(Virginia Volunteers redesignated 3 June 1916 as the Virginia National Guard)

Called into Federal service 18 June 1916; mustered into Federal service 30 June 1916 at Richmond; mustered out of Federal service 16 January 1917 at Richmond

Called into Federal service 25 July 1917; mustered into Federal service 25 July-
4 August 1917 at home stations; drafted into Federal service 5 August 1917

Consolidated 4 October 1917 with the 2d (organized 3 November 1741) and 4th (organized 29 August 1882) Infantry to form the 116th Infantry, an element of the 29th Division

Demobilized 30 May 1919 at Camp Lee, Virginia

Former 1st Infantry reorganized 30 December 1919 in the Virginia National Guard as the 1st Provisional Infantry Regiment with Headquarters at Richmond

Reorganized and redesignated 7 September 1920 as the 2d Battalion, 1st Infantry, with Headquarters at Petersburg (1st and 3d Battalions – hereafter separate lineages)

Reorganized and redesignated 9 March 1922 as the 2d Battalion, 183d Infantry

(183d Infantry assigned in 1923 to the 29th Division)

Reorganized and redesignated 22 February 1929 as the 2d Battalion, 1st Infantry, an element of the 29th Division

Reorganized and redesignated 1 January 1941 as the 2d Battalion, 176th Infantry, an element of the 29th Infantry Division

Inducted into Federal service 3 February 1941 at home stations

(176th Infantry relieved 11 March 1942 from assignment to the 29th Infantry Division; assigned 1 April 1943 to the Replacement and School Command at Fort Benning, Georgia as the Infantry Demonstration Regiment)

Inactivated 10 July 1944 at Fort Benning, Georgia

Reorganized and Federally recognized 20 November 1946 at Richmond as the 3d Battalion, 176th Infantry

Reorganized and redesignated 1 June 1959 as elements of the 1st Battle Group, 176th Infantry, with Headquarters at Richmond

Converted and redesignated 22 March 1963 as the 276th Engineer Battalion with Headquarters at Richmond

Ordered into active Federal service 18 December 2003 at home stations; released from active Federal service 15 June 2005 and reverted to state control


HOME AREA: Central Virginia


                                                War of 1812
                                                Virginia 1814

                                                Mexican War
                                                Streamer without inscription

                                                Civil War (Confederate service)
                                                First Manassas
                                                Second Manassas
                                                Cold Harbor
                                                Virginia 1861
                                                Virginia 1863
                                                Virginia 1864
                                                North Carolina 1863
                                                North Carolina 1864

                                               World War I
                                                Alsace 1918

                                                War on Terrorism
                                                Campaigns to be determined



Valorous Unit Award, Streamer embroidered NINEVEH PROVINCE 2005

Meritorious Unit Commendation (Army), Streamer embroidered IRAQ 2004





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