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206th Signal Company

Lineage and Honors Information as of 24 April 2007

206th Signal Company Lineage

Constituted 19 February 1942 in the Regular Army as the 206th Signal Depot Company

Activated 15 May 1942 at Camp Crowder, Missouri

Inactivated 28 September 1945 in Germany

Redesignated  7 August 1951 as the 206th Signal Base Depot Company

Activated 20 August 1951 at Camp Atterbury, Indiana

Inactivated 15 March 1954 at Camp Atterbury, Indiana

Redesignated 5 January 1955 as the 206th Signal Company

Activated 24 February 1955 at Camp Gordon, Georgia

Inactivated 18 January 1971 at Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Activated 16 March 2007 at Fort Bragg, North Carolina

206th Signal Company Honors

Campaign Participation Credit

World War II: Sicily; Rome-Arno; Southern France; Rhineland; Central Europe

Armed Forces Expeditions : Dominican Republic


Meritorious Unit Commendation (Army) for EUROPEAN THEATER                       


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