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526th Transportation Detachment

Lineage and Honors Information as of 19 June 2008

526th Transportation Detachment Lineage

Constituted 23 March 1966 in the Regular Army as the 526th Transportation Detachment

Activated 1 June 1966 at Fort Eustis, Virginia

Inactivated 15 October 1968 in Vietnam

Withdrawn 20 July 1995 from the Regular Army and allotted to the Army Reserve

Activated 1 September 1997 at Springfield, Missouri

Ordered into active military service 18 March 2003 at Springfield, Missouri; released from active military service 16 March 2005 and reverted to reserve status

526th Transportation Detachment Honors

Campaign Participation Credit

Vietnam: Counteroffensive, Phase II; Counteroffensive, Phase III; Tet Counteroffensive; Counteroffensive, Phase IV; Counteroffensive, Phase V

War on Terrorism: Campaigns to be determined



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