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Special Designations

Unit Designation Special Designation
0001HHBN, 1st Armored Division OLD IRONSIDES
0002HHC, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division FORERUNNERS
00021st Security Force Assistance Brigade THE SPEARHEAD BRIGADE
0003HHC, 2d Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division IRON BRIGADE (see also HELMSMEN)
0004HHC, 2d Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division HELMSMEN (discontinued see IRON BRIGADE)
0005HHC, 3d Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division BULLDOGS
0006HHB, 1st Armored Division Artillery BOMBARDS
0007HHC, 1st Armored Division Support Command MULESKINNERS
00081st Aviation Brigade NGUY-HIEM
0009HHBN, 1st Cavalry Division FIRST TEAM
0010HHC, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division IRON HORSE
0011HHC, 3d Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division GREY WOLF
0012HHC, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division LONG KNIFE
0013HHB, 1st Cavalry Division Artillery RED TEAM
00141st Cavalry Regiment 1st REGIMENT OF DRAGOONS
0015HHBN, 1st Infantry Division BIG RED ONE
0016HHC, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division DEVIL BRIGADE
00171st Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, HHC GUARDIAN BRIGADE
00181st Medical Laboratory SOLDIER SCIENTISTS
00191st Military Intelligence Battalion FLYING EYE BATTALION
00201st Signal Brigade FIRST TO COMMUNICATE
0021First Army Division West LONGHORN DIVISION
0022U.S. Army 1st Recruiting Brigade VICTORY BRIGADE
0023HHC, 2d Armored Division HELL ON WHEELS
0024HHC, 1st Brigade, 2d Armored Division TIGER BRIGADE
0025HHC, 2d Brigade, 2d Armored Division ST. LO BRIGADE
00262d Artillery OLD REGULARS
00272d Cavalry Regiment SECOND DRAGOONS
0028HHC, 2d Engineer Brigade ARCTIC TRAILBLASERS
0029HHBN, 2d Infantry Division INDIANHEAD
0030HHC, 2d Brigade Combat Team, 2d Infantry Division LANCER BRIGADE
0031HHC, 3d Brigade Combat Team, 2d Infantry Division ARROWHEAD BRIGADE
0032HHC, 5th Brigade Combat Team, 2d Infantry Division STRIKE AND DESTROY
00332d Military Intelligence Battalion PHOENIX, THE
0034HHC, 3d Armored Division SPEARHEAD
00353d Armored Cavalry Regiment BRAVE RIFLES
00363d Artillery Regiment GUNNERS
0037HHBN, 3d Infantry Division MARNE DIVISION
0038Special Troops Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 3d Infantry Division DESERT CATS
0039HHC, 3d Brigade Combat Team, 3d Infantry Division PHANTOM BRIGADE (discontinued see SLEDGEHAMMER BRIGADE)
0040HHC, 3d Brigade Combat Team, 3d Infantry Division SLEDGEHAMMER BRIGADE (see also PHANTOM BRIGADE)
00413d Infantry Regiment OLD GUARD, THE
00423d Medical Command DESERT MEDICS
00434th Finance Company IRON EAGLES
0044HHBN, 4th Infantry Division IVY DIVISION
00452d Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division WARHORSE
00464th Infantry Regiment WARRIORS
00474th Psychological Operations Group DARK HORSE
0048HHC, 5th Armored Division VICTORY
00495th Cavalry Regiment BLACK KNIGHTS
00505th Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Battalion ALEXANDER HAMILTON BATTERY
0051HHC, 5th Infantry Division RED DIAMOND
00525th Infantry Regiment BOBCATS
00535th Signal Command DRAGON WARRIORS
0054U.S. Army 5th Recruiting Battalion ALAMO WARRIORS
0055HHC, 6th Armored Division SUPER SIXTH
00566th Cavalry Regiment FIGHTING SIXTH
00575th Squadron, 6th Cavlary Regiment KNIGHT RAIDERS
00586th Engineer Battalion ARCTIC SAPPERS (see OAK)
00596th Engineer Battalion OAK (discontinued 2012 see ARCTIC SAPPERS)
00606th Field Artillery Regiment CENTAURS
0061HHC, 6th Infantry Division SIGHTSEEING SIXTH (discontinued in 1968)
0062HHC, Aviation Brigade, 6th Infantry Division WILLIWAW
00636th Infantry Regiment REGULARS
00646th Military Police Company SILVER KNIGHTS
0065U.S. Army 6th Recruiting Brigade OUTRIDER
0066HHC, 7th Armored Division LUCKY SEVENTH
00677th Cavalry Regiment GARRY OWEN
00687th Engineer Battalion HAMMER BATTALION
0069HHC, 7th Infantry Division BAYONET (see also HOURGLASS)
0070HHC, 7th Infantry Division HOURGLASS (discontinued in 1953 see BAYONET)
00717th Infantry Regiment COTTONBALERS
00728th Engineer Battalion TROJAN HORSE
00738th Field Artillery Regiment AUTOMATIC EIGHTH
0074HHC, 8th Infantry Division PATHFINDER
0075N8th Infantry Regiment FIGHTING EAGLES
0075OHHC, 8th Psychological Operations Group PHANTOM KNIGHTS
00769th Field Artillery Regiment MIGHTY NINTH
0077HHC, 9th Infantry Division OLD RELIABLES
00789th Infantry Regiment MANCHU
00799th Medical Laboratory DRAGON NINTH
00809th Military Police Detachment IRON SENTINELS
008110th Cavalry Regiment BUFFALO SOLDIERS
008210th Combat Support Hospital MOUNTAIN MEDIC
0083HHC, 2d Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division COMMANDOS
0084HHC, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division PATRIOT BRIGADE
0085HHC, 11th Airborne Division ANGELS
008611th Armored Cavalry Regiment BLACKHORSE REGIMENT
008711th Field Artillery Regiment DRAGON REGIMENT (discontinued)
008811th Military Intelligence Company WIZARDS OF WAR
008911th Military Police Battalion SOUTHWEST PEACEMAKERS
009011th Signal Brigade DESERT THUNDERBIRDS
009111th Transportation Battalion BEAVERS (discontinued in 2004 - see OVER THE SHORE)
009211th Transportation Battalion OVER THE SHORE (see also BEAVERS)
009312th Infantry Regiment WARRIOR REGIMENT
009412th Transportation Company TRUCKIN' TWELFTH
009513th Aviation Regiment GUARDIAN
009613th Cavalry Regiment 13th HORSE
009713th Field Artillery Regiment CLAN
009813th Finance Center PHANTOM PAYMASTERS
009913th Infantry Regiment FIRST AT VICKSBURG
010013th Military Police Detachment ENFORCERS
010113th Support Battalion LOGISTICS PIONEERS
0102HHC, 14th Armored Division LIBERATORS
010314th Engineer Battalion RUGGED!
010414th Infantry Regiment GOLDEN DRAGONS
010515th Finance Battalion SILVER EAGLES
010615th Engineer Company ROAD BUILDERS
010715th Infantry Regiment OLD CHINA HANDS
010815th Military Police Brigade GRIFFINS
010916th Engineer Battalion CATAMOUNTS
011016th Engineer Brigade IRON CASTLE
011116th Infantry Regiment SEMPER PARATUS
0112N16th Military Police Brigade, HHC THE LONG ARM OF THE DRAGON (see also ONE OF A KIND)
0112O16th Military Police Brigade, HHC ONE OF A KIND (discontinued in 2020 see THE LONG ARM OF THE DRAGON)
011317th Infantry Regiment BUFFALO
011417th Military Intelligence Company MAGICIANS
011518th Aviation Brigade, HHC BLACK BARONS
011618th Infantry Regiment VANGUARDS
0116HHC, 18th Military Police Brigade EVER VIGILANT
011719th Field Artillery Regiment EAGLES
011819th Engineer Battalion SEAHORSE
011919th Infantry Regiment ROCK OF CHICKAMAUGA
012019th Military Police Battalion PACIFIC JUSTICE (see also SWORDSMEN)
012119th Military Police Battalion SWORDSMEN (discontinued in 2015 see PACIFIC JUSTICE)
012219th Special Forces Group, Company A, 2d SF Battalion NORTH PROVIDENCE RANGERS
012319th Support Center TIGER CENTER
012420th Engineer Brigade, HHC CASTLE
012520th Infantry Regiment SYKES' REGULARS
012621st Combat Support Hospital FEARLESS MEDICS
012721st Infantry Regiment GIMLET
0128HHC, 21st Signal Brigade RAZOR SHARP
012921st Transportation Company CARGO DOGS
0130N22d Engineer Company WORTHY
0130O22d Military Police Battalion PALE RIDERS
0131HHC, 23d Infantry Division AMERICAL
013223d Infantry Regiment TOMAHAWK REGIMENT
0133HHC, 24th Infantry Division VICTORY DIVISION
013424th Infantry Regiment DEUCE FOUR
013524th Transportation Company TRUCK MASTERS
013624th Transportation Battalion LEADERS
013725th Field Artillery Regiment WOLF PACK
0138HHBN, 25th Infantry Division TROPIC LIGHTNING
0139HHC, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division ARCTIC WOLVES
0140HHC, 2d Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division WARRIOR BRIGADE
0141HHC, 3d Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division BRONCOS
0142HHC, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division SPARTA BRIGADE COMBAT TEAM
014325th Infantry Division Materiel Management Center LIGHTNING LOGISTICS
0145HHB, 26th Infantry Division Artillery 51ST FIELD ARTILLERY BRIGADE
014626th Infantry Regiment BLUE SPADERS
014726th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade YANKEE
0148HHC, 27th Infantry Brigade Combat Team EMPIRE
014927th Infantry Regiment WOLFHOUNDS
015028th Combat Support Hospital CHINA DRAGONS
0151HHBN, 28th Infantry Division KEYSTONE
0152HHC, 56th Brigade Combat Team, 28th Infantry Division QUAKER CITY RIFLES
015328th Infantry Regiment LIONS OF CANTIGNY
015429th Engineer Battalion WAYFINDERS
0155HHBN, 29th Infantry Division BLUE AND GRAY
015629th Infantry Regiment PIONEERS
015730th Armored Brigade Combat Team OLD HICKORY
015830th Engineer Battalion DESERT KNIGHTS
015930th Field Artillery Regiment HARD CHARGERS
016031st Chemical Brigade, Headquarters DIXIE
016131st Chemical Brigade, Headquarters Detachment WARRIOR GUARDS
016231st Field Artillery Regiment PROUD AMERICANS
016331st Infantry Regiment POLAR BEARS
0164HHC, 32d Infantry Brigade Combat Team RED ARROW
016432d Infantry Regiment QUEEN'S OWN, THE
016532d Medical Brigade, Headquarters COMBAT MEDIC BRIGADE
0167HHC, 33d Infantry Brigade Combat Team PRAIRIE
016834th Armored Regiment CENTURIONS
0169HHBN, 34th Infantry Division RED BULL
017034th Infantry Regiment LEYTE DRAGONS
0171HHBN, 35th Infantry Division SANTA FE
017235th Infantry Regiment CACTI
017336th Engineer Detachment CAN DO CREW
0174HHBN, 36th Infantry Division ARROWHEAD
017537th Engineer Battalion EAGLE BATTALION
0176HHC, 37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team BUCKEYE
0177HHBN, 38th Infantry Division AVENGERS OF BATAAN (see also CYCLONE)
0178HHC, 38th Infantry Division CYCLONE (discontinued see AVENGERS OF BATAAN)
017946th Brigade, 38th Infantry Division WOLVERINES
018038th Infantry Regiment ROCK OF THE MARNE
018138th Sustainment Brigade, HHC AVENGERS
018239th Engineer Battalion BLUE BULLS
0183HHC, 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team ARKANSAS BRIGADE
0184HHC, 39th Infantry Division DELTA DIVISION
018539th Infantry Regiment AAA-O [Anything, Anytime, Anywhere, Bar Nothing]
018639th Support Battalion, Company D PINE GROVE LIGHT INFANTRY
018740th Cavalry Regiment DENALI
018840th Engineer Battalion BATTERING RAMS!
0189HHBN, 40th Infantry Division SUNSHINE DIVISION
019040th Signal Battalion TEAM 40th
019141st Combat Support Hospital ONE TEAM COMBAT READY
019241st Field Artillery Brigade, HHB RAILGUNNERS
0193NHQ, 41st Infantry Brigade Combat Team SUNSET
0193O41st Infantry Regiment HELL ON EIGHT WHEELS
019442d Field Artillery Brigade, HHB WHEEL HORSES
019542d Field Artillery Regiment STRAIGHT ARROWS
0196NCombat Aviation Brigade, 42d Infantry Division WINGS OF LIBERTY
0196OHHBN, 42d Infantry Division RAINBOW
019742d Infantry Division Band GOVERNOR'S OWN
019842d Military Police Brigade, HHC THE PROTECTORS
019943d Signal Battalion ALWAYS PROFESSIONAL
020044th Infantry Brigade Combat Team JERSEY BLUES
020145th Infantry Brigade Combat Team THUNDERBIRD
020246th Engineer Battalion STEEL SPIKE
0203HHC, 46th Infantry Division IRON FIST
020446th Infantry Regiment PROFESSIONALS, THE
0205HHC, 47th Infantry Division VIKING
020647th Support Battalion ONE OF THE ORIGINALS
0207HHC, 48th Armored Division HURRICANE
020848th Combat Support Hospital DRAGON MEDICS
0209HHC, 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team MACON VOLUNTEERS
0210HHC, 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team FLOTD RIFLES
0211HHC, 49th Armored Division ARGONAUT
02121st Brigade, 49th Armored Division TEXAS BRIGADE
021351st Engineer Battalion RED RHINOS
0214HHC, 51st Infantry Division RATTLESNAKE
021552d Aviation Regiment FLYING DRAGONS
021652d Engineer Battalion WE SERVE, TOGETHER
021752d Infantry Regiment READY RIFLES
021853d Support Detachment SEVENTH NEW YORK
021954th Military Police Company DRAGON MAULERS
022057th Transportation Battalion GALLANT SPARTANS
022158th Infantry Regiment PATRIOTS
022258th Military Police Company WORKHORSE NATION
022360th Engineer Company JUNGLE EATERS
022563d Chemical Company DRAGONMASTERS
0226HHC, 63d Infantry Division BLOOD AND FIRE
022769th Military Police Detachment WAR DOGS
022864th Military Police Company GUARDIANS OF THE WORLD
022965th Infantry Regiment BORINQUENEERS
023066th Armored Regiment IRON KNIGHTS
023166th Aviation Brigade, HHC FALCON BRIGADE
023266th Military Police Company FIGHTIN' DOUBLE SIX
023366th Transportation Company ROADKINGS
023467th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade NEBRASKA BRIGADE
023568th Transportation Company EAGLE EXPRESS
023669th Infantry Regiment FIGHTING SIXTY-NINTH
023769th Personnel Service Company SUPPORT FIRST, SOLDIERS ALWAYS
023869th Troop Command THE TORNADO BRIGADE
023970th Engineer Battalion KODIAKS
0240HHC, 70th Training Division TRAILBLAZERS
024171st Chemical Company DRAGON FIRE
024271st Infantry Regiment AMERICAN GUARD
024371st Ordnance Group RAPTORS
024472d Infantry Brigade LONE STAR
024572d Medical Detachment EAGLE VETS
024672d Support Battalion STEEL DRAGONS
024773d Cavalry Regiment AIRBORNE THUNDER
024873d Field Artillery Regiment THUNDERBOLTS
0249N75th Cavalry Regiment WIDOWMAKERS
0249O75th Ranger Regiment MERRILL'S MARAUDERS (designation discontinued in 1989)
025076th Field Artillery Regiment SPIRIT OF '76
025176th Infantry Brigade Combat Team NIGHT HAWKS
025277th Army Band PRIDE OF FORT SILL!
0253HHC, 77th Infantry Division STATUE OF LIBERTY
0254HHC, 78th Division (Training Support) LIGHTNING
0255HHC, 79th Infantry Division CROSS OF LORRAINE
0256HQ, 80th Training Command BLUE RIDGE
0257HHC, 81st Infantry Division WILDCAT
0258HHBN, 82d Airborne Division ALL AMERICAN
0259HHC, 2d Brigade Combat Team, 82d Airborne Division FALCONS
0260HHC, 3d Brigade Combat Team, 82d Airborne Division GOLDEN BRIGADE
0261HHC, 83d Infantry Division THUNDERBOLT
026284th Chemical Company SMOKE DRAGON
026384th Ordnance Battalion CRIMSON TALONS
0264HQ, 84th Training Command RAILSPLITTERS
0265HHC, 3d Brigade, 85th Division (Training Support) UST PADENGA BRIGADE
026685th USAR Support Command CUSTER
026786th Combat Support Hospital EAGLE MEDICS
0268HHC, 86th Infantry Brigade Combat Team VERMONT BRIGADE, THE
026986th Signal Battalion FIRST VOICE HEARD (see also VARSITY)
027086th Signal Battalion VARSITY (discontinued in 1995 see FIRST VOICE HEARD)
0271HHC, 87th Division (Training Support) GOLDEN ACORN
027289th Transportation Company ROADMASTERS
0273HHC, 90th Infantry Division TOUGH 'OMBRES
027490th Personnel Company FIRST TO SUPPORT, LAST TO LEAVE
0275N91st Military Police Battalion MOUNTAIN GUARDIANS
0275OHHC, 91st Training Division WILD WEST DIVISION
027692d Engineer Battalion BLACK DIAMONDS
027692d Military Police Company ROCK SOLID
027793d Military Police Battalion WAR EAGLE
027894th Field Artillery Regiment DEEP STEEL
027994th Support Battalion STRENGTH AND HONOR BATTALION
028095th Medical Detachment BLOOD KNIGHTS
0281MHHC, 95th Training Division IRON MEN OF METZ
0281N97th Civil Affairs Battalion INTO THE FIRE
0281OHHD, 97th Military Police Battalion GUARDIANS TAKE CHARGE
0282197th Field Artillery Regiment, element LACONIA RIFLES
028398th Army Band SILVER WINGS BAND
0284HHC, 98th Training Division IROQUOIS
0285100th Missile Defense Brigade, HHB CENTENNIAL
0286HHC, 100th Training Division CENTURY
0287HHBN, 101st Airborne Division SCREAMING EAGLES
0288101st Cavalry Regiment BUFFALO CITY GUARDS
0289101st Engineer Battalion EAST REGIMENT
0290101st Engineer Battalion, HHC LAWRENCE LIGHT GUARD
0291101st Field Artillery Regiment SOUTH REGIMENT
0292101st Field Artillery Regiment BOSTON LIGHT ARTILLERY
0294101st Support Battalion DEVIL'S GUARDIAN
0295102d Cavalry Regiment FIRST NEW JERSEY CAVALRY
0296102d Field Artillery SECOND CORPS OF CADETS
0297HHC, 102d Infantry Division OZARK
0298102d Infantry Regiment FIRST AND SECOND CONNECTICUT
0299102d Infantry Regiment, HHC, 1st Battalion NEW HAVEN GRAYS
0300103d Engineer Battalion DANDY FIRST
0301103d Field Artillery Regiment PROVIDENCE MARINE CORPS OF ARTILLERY
0302HHC, 103d Infantry Division CACTUS DIVISION
0303103d Infantry Regiment SECOND MAINE
0304104th Cavalry Regiment, HHT, 1st Squadron SECOND TROOP PHILADELPHIA CITY CAVALRY
0305104th Cavalry Regiment, Troop A, 1st Squadron FIRST TROOP PHILADELPHIA CITY CAVALRY
0306104th Cavalry Regiment, Troop B, 1st Squadron STATE FENCIBLES
0307104th Cavalry Regiment, Troop C, 1st Squadron GOVERNOR'S TROOP
0308104th Cavalry Regiment, HHT, 2d Squadron READING ARTILLERISTS
0309104th Cavalry Regiment, Troop D, 2d Squadron YORK RIFLES
0310104th Field Artillery Regiment FIRST NEW YORK FIELD ARTILLERY
0311104th Infantry Regiment HAMPSHIRE AND BERKSHIRE LIGHTS
0312104th Military Police Battalion POUGHKEEPSIE INVINCIBLES
0313HHC, 104th Training Division TIMBERWOLVES
0314105th Field Artillery Regiment SECOND NEW YORK FIELD ARTILLERY
0315105th Military Intelligence Battalion OWLS
0316106th Aviation Regiment, Company B 1st Battalion CHICAGO BLACK HORSE TROOP
0317106th Infantry Regiment BROOKLYN'S OWN
0318106th Signal Brigade, HHC TROPIC COMMUNICATORS
0319107th Cavalry Regiment, Troop C, 2d Squadron SCOTT DRAGOONS
0320107th Engineer Battalion SNORTIN' BULL
0321107th Field Artillery Regiment FOURTEENTH PENNSYLVANIA
0322108th Army Band ARIZONA'S OWN
0323108th Field Artillery Regiment SECOND PENNSYLVANIA
0324HHC, 108th Infantry Division GOLDEN GRIFFIN
0325108th Infantry Regiment THIRD NEW YORK
0326109th Field Artillery Regiment WYOMING VALLEY GUARDS
0327109th Infantry Regiment THIRTEENTH PENNSYLVANIA
0328110th Infantry Regiment FIGHTING TENTH
0329110th Information Operations Battalion MARYLAND LIGHT ARTILLERY
0330111th Field Artillery Regiment FIRST VIRGINIA ARTILLERY
0331111th Field Artillery Regiment, HHB, 1st Battalion ARMSTRONG BATTERY
0332111th Field Artillery Regiment, Battery A, 1st Battalion NORFOLK LIGHT ARTILLERY BLUES
0333111th Infantry Regiment THE ASSOCIATORS
0334112th Cavalry Regiment FIRST TEXAS CAVALRY
0335112th Engineer Battalion CLEVELAND GRAYS
0336112th Field Artillery Regiment FIRST NEW JERSEY ARTILLERY
0337112th Infantry Regiment SIXTEENTH PENNSYLVANIA
0338112th Infantry Regiment, Company A, 1st Battalion CORRY GUARDS
0339113th Army Band DRAGOONS
0340113th Infantry Regiment FIRST NEW JERSEY
0341113th Infantry Regiment, Company A, 2d Battalion ESSEX TROOP
0342114th Infantry Regiment THIRD NEW JERSEY
0343114th Military Police Company CLINTON RIFLES
0344115th Combat Support Hospital WARRIOR MEDICS
0345115th Field Artillery Regiment FIRST TENNESSEE
0346115th Infantry Regiment FIRST MARYLAND
0347116th Aviation Company HORNETS
0348116th Cavalry Regiment SNAKE RIVER REGIMENT
0349116th Field Artillery Regiment GATOR REDLEGS
0350116th Infantry Regiment STONEWALL BRIGADE
0351116th Infantry Regiment, Company A, 3d Battalion MONTICELLO GUARDS
0352116th Infantry Regiment, element ALEXANDRIA LIGHT INFANTRY
0353116th Infantry Regiment, element BERRYVILLE GUARDS
0354116th Infantry Regiment, element CONTINENTAL MORGAN GUARDS
0355116th Infantry Regiment, element FARMVILLE GUARD
0356116th Infantry Regiment, element LYNCHBURG HOME GUARD
0357118th Infantry Regiment PALMETTO REGIMENT
0358118th Field Artillery Regiment. HHB, 1st Battalion CHATHAM ARTILLERY
0359118th Field Artillery Regiment, Battery B, 1st Battalion SAVANNAH VOLUNTEER GUARDS/IRISH JASPER GREENS
0360118th Field Artillery Regiment, Battery A, 1st Battalion EFFINGHAM HUSSARS
0361118th Infantry Regiment FIRST SOUTH CAROLINA
0362119th Aviation Company REDHAWK
0363119th Infantry Regiment SECOND NORTH CAROLINA
0364120th Field Artillery Regiment RED FOX REGIMENT
0365120th Infantry Regiment THIRD NORTH CAROLINA
0366121st Aviation Company SOC TRANG TIGERS
0367121st Infantry Regiment OLD GRAY BONNET
0367121st Field Artillery Regiment DARK SKIES
0368122d Infantry Regiment FIFTH GEORGIA
0369123d Field Artillery Regiment SIXTH ILLINOIS
0370123d Support Battalion FARRIERS (discontinued see MIGHTY MAIN)
0371123d Support Battalion MIGHTY MAIN (see also FARRIERS)
0372124th Cavalry Regiment MARS MEN
0373124th Infantry Regiment FIRST FLORIDA
0374125th Field Artillery Regiment THIRD MINNESOTA
0375125th Infantry Regiment THIRD MICHIGAN
0376126th Aviation Regiment, Company B, 1st Battalion DELTA SCHOONERS
0377126th Cavalry Regiment SECOND MICHIGAN
0378126th Support Battalion MOHAWK BATTALION
0379127th Infantry Regiment FIRST WISCONSIN
0380127th Military Police Company SPEED AND POWER
0381128th Infantry Regiment LES TERRIBLES
0382128th Support Battalion DUQUESNE GRAYS
0383129th Field Artillery Regiment TRUMAN'S OWN
0384129th Infantry Regiment THIRD ILLINOIS
0385130th Infantry Regiment FOURTH ILLINOIS
0386130th Infantry Regiment FOURTH ILLINOIS
0387131st Aviation Company NIGHTHAWKS
0388131st Cavalry Regiment SOUTHERN LEADERS
0389131st Field Artillery Regiment LOST BATTALION
0390131st Infantry Regiment FIRST ILLINOIS
0391132d Support Battalion GRIFFIN BATTALION
0392133d Engineer Battalion TWENTIETH MAINE
0393133d Infantry Regiment FIRST IOWA
0394133d Public Affairs Detachment BLUEGRASS VOLUNTEERS
0395134th Cavalry Regiment FIRST NEBRASKA
0396135th Infantry Regiment FIRST MINNESOTA
0397136th Engineer Company NOR’EASTERS
0398136th Infantry Regiment BEARCAT REGIMENT
0399137th Infantry Regiment FIRST KANSAS
0400138th Field Artillery Brigade, HHB BLUEGRASS BRIGADE
0401138th Infantry Regiment, Company B, 1st Battalion FIRST MISSOURI
0402140th Transportation Detachment PHANTOM REGULATORS
0403141st Field Artillery Regiment WASHINGTON ARTILLERY
0404141st Infantry Regiment FIRST TEXAS
0405141st Signal Battalion COMMUNICATORS, THE
0406142d Field Artillery Regiment SECOND ARKANSAS
0407142d Infantry Regiment SEVENTH TEXAS
0408142d Military Police Company REGULATORS, GUNS UP
0408NHHC, 142d Support Battalion ATLAS
0409143d Infantry Regiment THIRD TEXAS
0410143d Infantry Regiment, Company A, 2d Battalion HOUSTON LIGHT GUARD
0411143d Support Group WINGED VICTORY
0412144th Infantry Regiment FOURTH TEXAS
0413145th Armored Regiment FIFTH OHIO
0414145th Armored Regiment, 1st Battalion, Company B BLACK HORSE TROOP
0415148th Infantry Regiment SIXTH OHIO
0416148th Support Battalion, Company B JACKSON RIFLES
0417149th Infantry Regiment SECOND KENTUCKY
0418149th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade KENTUCKY BRIGADE
0419149th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, HHC LOUISVILLE LEGION
0420150th Cavalry Regiment SECOND WEST VIRGINIA
0421150th Field Artillery Regiment THE RAIDERS
0422150th Transportation Company ROADRUNNERS
0423151st Field Artillery Regiment FIRST MINNESOTA HEAVY ARTILLERY
0424151st Field Artillery Brigade, HHB GAMECOCK ARTILLERY
0425151st Infantry Regiment FIRST INDIANA
0426152d Cavalry Regiment SECOND INDIANA
0427152d Engineer Battalion, HHC SPAULDING GUARDS
0428152d Engineer Battalion, HHC JEFFERSON GUARDS
0429153d Cavalry Regiment FLORIDA VANGUARD
0430153d Infantry Regiment FIRST ARKANSAS
0431153d Military Police Company WOLF CLAN
0432155th Armored Brigade Combat Team DIXIE THUNDER
0433155th Infantry Regiment FIRST MISSISSIPPI (discontinued see MISSISSIPPI RIFLES)
0434155th Infantry Regiment MISSISSIPPI RIFLES (see also FIRST MISSISSIPPI)
0435156th Army Band LOUISIANA'S OWN
0436156th Field Artillery Regiment FIRST NEW YORK
0437156th Infantry Regiment FIRST LOUISIANA
0438157th Field Artillery Regiment FIRST COLORADO
0439158th Cavalry Regiment, HHT, 1st Squadron GOVERNOR'S GUARD
0440158th Infantry Regiment BUSHMASTERS
0441159th Infantry [see also 184th Infantry] FIFTH CALIFORNIA
0442160th Aviation Regiment NIGHT STALKERS
0443160th Infantry Regiment SEVENTH CALIFORNIA
0444160th Signal Brigade, HHC VOICE OF THE DESERT
0445161st Field Artillery Regiment SECOND KANSAS
0446161st Infantry Regiment FIRST WASHINGTON
0447163d Cavalry Regiment FIRST MONTANA
0448163d Field Artillery Regiment RIVER CITY RED LEGS
0449163d Military Intelligence Battalion BLUE WATCH
0450164th Infantry Regiment FIRST NORTH DAKOTA
0451164th Military Police Company ARCTIC ENFORCERS
0452165th Military Police Company WAR HAWKS
0453166th Artillery Regiment KEYSTONE BATTERY
0454166th Aviation Brigade ARCHANGEL
0455166th Infantry Regiment FOURTH OHIO
0456167th Cavalry Regiment PRAIRIE SOLDIERS
0457167th Infantry Regiment FOURTH ALABAMA
0458168th Field Artillery Regiment ENFORCERS OF DEMOCRACY
0459168th Infantry Regiment THIRD IOWA
0460169th Maintenance Battalion TASKMASTERS
0461169th Military Police Company WESTERLY RIFLES
0462170th Military Police Company DRAGON SLAYERS
0463172d Cavalry Regiment FIRST VERMONT
0464172d Field Artillery Regiment, element FOSTER RIFLES
0465172d Field Artillery Regiment, element HEAD GUARDS
0466172d Field Artillery Regiment, element KEENE LIGHT GUARD
0467172d Infantry Brigade, HHC SNOW HAWKS (special designation discontinued in 2005)
0468172d Infantry Regiment MOUNTAIN BATTALION
0469173d Airborne Brigade, HHC SKY SOLDIERS
0470174th Air Defense Artillery Regiment FIRST OHIO
0471174th Infantry Regiment SEVENTY-FOURTH NEW YORK
0472175th Infantry Regiment FIFTH MARYLAND
0473176th Personnel Service Company WITH US YOU'RE NUMBER ONE
0474178th Infantry Regiment EIGHTH ILLINOIS
0475179th Aviation Company SHRIMP BOATS
0476179th Infantry Regiment TOMAHAWKS
0477180th Aviation Company BIG WINDY
0478180th Infantry Regiment OKLAHOMA WARRIORS
0479180th Engineer Company RICHMOND GRAYS
0480181st Infantry Regiment SIXTH MASSACHUSETTS
0481181st Infantry Regiment, element EMMET GUARDS
0482181st Infantry Regiment, HHC, 1st Battalion WELLINGTON RIFLES
0483181st Infantry Regiment, element WORCESTER CITY GUARDS
0484182d Infantry Regiment FIGHTING NINTH
0485182d Infantry Regiment NORTH REGIMENT
0486183d Cavalry Regiment, HHT, 2d Squadron PORTSMOUTH RIFLES
0487184th Infantry Regiment SECOND CALIFORNIA
0488185th Engineer Company COUNTY THUNDER
0489185th Infantry Regiment SIXTH CALIFORNIA
0490187th Aviation Company BLACKHAWKS (discontinued in 1972 see CRUSADERS)
0491187th Aviation Company CRUSADERS (see also BLACKHAWKS)
0492187th Field Artillery Regiment FOURTEENTH NEW YORK
0493187th Infantry Regiment RAKKASANS
0494187th Personnel Service Company WE GIVE A DAMN
0495188th Engineer Detachment BAYSTATERS
0496189th Personnel Service Company MISSION FIRST, PEOPLE ALWAYS
0497189th Support Battalion, HHC SUPERCHARGERS!
0498190th Engineer Battalion LOS MILICIANOS
0499192d Chemical Battalion FAIRFIELD COUNTY REGIMENT
0500195th Armored Regiment PRAIRIE MEN OF STEEL
0501196th Infantry Brigade, HQ CHARGERS
0502196th Infantry Regiment FIRST SOUTH DAKOTA
0503197th Field Artillery Brigade CONCORD VOLUNTEERS
0504197th Field Artillery Brigade GOVERNOR STRAW RIFLES
0505197th Field Artillery Brigade ROLLINS RIFLES
0506197th Field Artillery Brigade STATE CAPITOL GUARDS
0507197th Field Artillery Regiment, element BELKNAP RIFLES
0508197th Field Artillery Regiment, element FIRST NEW HAMPSHIRE LIGHT BATTERY
0509197th Field Artillery Regiment, element MINUTE COMPANY OF DOVER
0510197th Field Artillery Regiment, element NESMITH RIFLE COMPANY
0511197th Field Artillery Regiment, Battery C, 3d Battalion STRATFORD GUARDS
0512197th Field Artillery Regiment, element TRAIN BAND OF DOVER
0513197th Field Artillery Regiment, HHB, 3d Battalion SHERIDAN GUARDS
0514197th Field Artillery Regiment, Battery A, 3d Battalion NEW HAMPSHIRE LIGHT BATTERY
0515197th Infantry Brigade, HQ FOLLOW ME
0516198th Military Police Battalion LOUISVILLE GUARDS
0517198th Army Band RAPPL'S OWN (discontinued)
0518198th Signal Battalion FIRST DELAWARE
0519200th Aviation Company PACHYDERM
0520N200th Infantry Regiment FIRST NEW MEXICO
0520OHHD, 200th Military Police Command JUSTICE
0521201st Aviation Company RED BARONS
0522201st Engineer Battalion KENTUCKY WORKHORSE BATTALION
0523201st Field Artillery Regiment FIRST WEST VIRGINIA
0524201st Battlefield Surveillance Brigade GOLDEN GRYPHONS
0526N202d Military Police Company PRAETORIAN ELITE (see also SOLO RIDERS)
0526O202d Military Police Company SOLO RIDERS (discontinued see PRAETORIAN ELITE)
0527203d Aviation Company HAWKEYE
0528204th Military Police Company BLADE RUNNERS
0529N206th Engineer Battalion FRONTIER
0529O206th Military Intelligence Battalion ODIN'S EYE
0530207th Engineer Company, Detachment 1 LIMESTONE VOLUNTEERS
0531209th Field Artillery ROCHESTER REDLEGS
0532210th Armored Regiment TENTH NEW YORK
0533211th Military Police Battalion FIRST CORPS OF CADETS
0534212st Military Police Company SENTRY DOGS
0535213th Artillery FIRST DEFENDERS
0536214th Army Band ARMY GROUND FORCES BAND (see also FORSCOM's OWN)
0537214th Army Band FORSCOM'S OWN (discontinued in 1995 see ARMY GROUND FORCES BAND)
0538215th Finance Battalion DOUBLE EAGLES
0539215th Support Battalion BLACKSMITHS
0540218th Field Artillery Regiment PORTLAND LIGHT ARTILLERY
0541218th Military Police Company LEGION
0542219th Aviation Company HEADHUNTERS
0543220th Aviation Company CATKILLERS
0544223d Military Police Company JEFFERSON COUNTY GUARDS
0545225th Aviation Company PHANTOM HAWKS
0546229th Aviation Regiment FLYING TIGERS
0548230th Artillery, element WAYCROSS RIFLES
0549230th Financial Management Support Unit DIAMONDBACKS (discontinued in 1999 see GOLDEN EAGLES)
0550230th Financial Management Support Unit GOLDEN EAGLES (see also DIAMONDBACKS)
0551230th Sustainment Brigade, HHC VOLUNTEERS
0552235th Aviation Company DELTA DEVILS
0553237th Support Battalion NINTH OHIO
0554237th Support Battalion, HHC FIRST CLEVELAND TROOP
0555240th Cavalry Regiment KENTUCKY MOUNTED RIFLES
0556242d Infantry Regiment PRIDE OF THE ISLAND
0557243d Artillery, element FIRST LIGHT INFANTRY
0558243d Artillery, element GLOUCESTER LIGHT INFANTRY
0559243d Artillery, element RHODE ISLAND GUARDS REGIMENT
0560243d Artillery, element WOONSOCKET GUARDS
0561243d Artillery, element WOONSOCKET INFANTRY
0562243d Aviation Company FREIGHT TRAIN
0563246th Field Artillery Regiment DANVILLE LIGHT ARTILLERY
0564248th Medical Detachment DRAGON VETS
0565250th Artillery FIRST CALIFORNIA
0566256th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Headquarters LOUISIANA BRIGADE
0568258th Field Artillery Regiment WASHINGTON GRAYS
0570265th Air Defense Artillery Regiment DETERMINED DEFENDERS
0571265th Transportation Detachment PORT MASTERS
0572268th Military Intelligence Detachment WE COVER THEIR TRACKS
0573271st Aviation Company INNKEEPER
0574272d Military Police Company FIGHTING DEUCE, THE
0575276th Engineer Battalion FIRST VIRGINIA
0576276th Engineer Battalion, HHC RICHMOND LIGHT INFANTRY BLUES
0577278th Armored Cavalry Regiment THIRD TENNESSEE
0578281st Aviation Company INTRUDERS
0579282d Aviation Company BLACK CATS
0582285th Aviation Regiment DESERT HAWKS
0583293d Infantry Regiment THIRD INDIANA
0585296th Infantry Regiment LOS COCOROCOS
0586297th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade ARCTIC WARRIORS
0587297th Cavalry Regiment ALASKA SCOUTS
0588298th Infantry Regiment FIRST HAWAIIAN
0589299th Infantry Regiment HAWAIIAN GUARDIANS
0590299th Support Battalion DAGGER LIFELINE
0591300th Army Band HOLLYWOOD'S OWN
0592300th Field Artillery Regiment POWDER RIVER REGIMENT
0593301st Personnel and Administration Battalion SILVER FOXES
0594302d Signal Battalion GATEWAY TO FREEDOM
0595303d Cavalry Regiment, HHT, 1st Squadron TACOMA CITY TROOP
0595303d Military Intelligence Battalion LONGHORN BATTALION
0596N305th Psychological Operations Company ANGLERS, THE
0596O307th Maintenance Company BLUE COAL VOLUNTEERS
0597313th Military Intelligence Battalion CRIMSON DRAGONS (see also SNOW OWL)
0598313th Military Intelligence Battalion SNOW OWL (discontinued 1998 see CRIMSON DRAGONS)
0599315th Regiment PHILADELPHIA'S OWN (discontinued in 1999)
0600318th Chemical Company WARRIOR DRAGONS
0601319th Army Band STATUE OF LIBERTY BAND
0602323d Army Band FORT SAM'S OWN (see also U.S. ARMY MEDICAL COMMAND BAND)
0603323d Army Band U.S. ARMY MEDICAL COMMAND BAND (discontinued see FORT SAM'S OWN)
0604325th Support Battalion LIGHTNING MEDICS
0605326th Engineer Battalion SAPPER EAGLES
0606327th Infantry Regiment BASTOGNE BULLDOGS
0607330th Transportation Company CHECKMATE
0608O338th Psychological Operations Company SNAPPERS
0609339th Regiment POLAR BEAR
0610358th Transportation Detachment SCAN DEVILS
0611360th Transportation Company BACKBONE
0612361st Aviation Company PINK PANTHERS
0613N363d Regiment SAN FRANCISCO'S OWN
0613OHHC, 369th Sustainment Brigade HARLEM HELLFIGHTERS
0614372d Engineer Brigade, HHC TIMBERWOLF BRIGADE
0615377th Transportation Company HEAVY TRUCKERS
0616389th Army Band AMC'S OWN (discontinued see U.S. ARMY MATERIEL COMMAND BAND)
0617389th Army Band U.S. ARMY MATERIEL COMMAND BAND (see also AMC's OWN)
0618389th Regiment STAND AND DELIVER
0619392d Army Band FORT LEE ARMY BAND, THE
0619397th Regiment HATCHET REGIMENT, THE
0620403d Support Brigade, HQ POWERHOUSE
0621410th Military Police Company BRAVO SPIRIT
0622418th Medical Company MEDLOG WARRIORS
0623432d Medical Detachment BLOOD DRAGONS
0624434th Army Band U.S. ARMY SIGNAL CORPS BAND, THE
0625437th Military Police Company DOGS OF WAR
0626438th Military Police Company CALLOWAY COUNTY GUARDS
0627440th Medical Detachment BLOODRUNNERS
0628487th Field Artillery Regiment HIKI NO
0629488th Quartermaster Company AMERICA’S PROVIDERS
0630497th Transportation Company BACKBREAKERS
0631500th Military Intelligence Group PACIFIC VANGUARD
0632501st Aviation Regiment HELIBRAVES, THE
0632N501st Chemical Company VIPERS
0633501st Engineer Company ROME PLOWS
0634501st Infantry Regiment GERONIMO
0635501st Military Intelligence Battalion ELECTRONIC HORSEMEN
0636501st Ordnance Battalion APPLE-KNOCKERS
0637501st Transportation Company CANVASBACKS
0638501st Support Battalion PROVIDERS, THE
0639N502d Field Hospital SILVER DRAGONS
0639O502d Military Police Company HELL'S GUARDIANS
0640503d Infantry Regiment ROCK REGIMENT, THE
0641504th Infantry Regiment DEVILS IN BAGGY PANTS
0642504th Military Police Battalion DRAGON FIGHTERS
0643505th Infantry Regiment PANTHERS
0644506th Infantry Regiment CURRAHEE
0644N508th Military Police Battalion GUARDIANS OF JUSTICE
0645511th Military Intelligence Company GUARDIANS OF THE BLACKHORSE
0646513th Military Intelligence Brigade, HHC VIGILANT KNIGHTS
0647513th Transportation Company HARD WORK (see also ROADRUNNER WARRIORS)
0648513th Transportation Company ROADRUNNER WARRIORS (discontinued see HARD WORK)
0649518th Surgical Hospital ROCK DOCS
0650519th Military Police Battalion, HHD VIPER BATTALION, THE
0650N527th Military Police Company STRIKE
0650OHHD, 528th Hospital Center NOBLE KNIGHTS
0651529th Military Police Company HONOR GUARD (see also STAR GUARDIANS)
0652529th Military Police Company STAR GUARDIANS (discontinued IN 2015see HONOR GUARD)
0653542d Medical Company DMZ DUSTOFF
0654546th Maintenance Company RED DOGS
0655549th Military Police Company TROPIC ENFORCERS
0656552d Military Police Company PEACEKEEPERS
0657554th Engineer Battalion STRAIGHT AHEAD
0657N554th Military Police Company MIGHTY WARDAWGS, THE
0658556th Maintenance Company PATTON'S STEVEDORES
0659558th Military Police Company SHIELDED WARRIORS
0660561st Military Police Company CHAMPIONS
0661571st Military Police Company DRAGON CRUSHERS
0662572d Transportation Company GYPSY BANDITS
0663577th Engineer Battalion IRON SOLDIERS
0664584th Medical Company WHEELERS, THE
0665591st Medical Company RESPONSIVE AND RELENTLESS
0666591st Military Police Company IRON SPARTANS
0667597th U.S. Army Transportation Surface Brigade RAPID SUPPORT
0668598th U.S. Army Transportation Terminal Group WARRIOR LOGISTICS IN MOTION
0669599th U.S. Army Transportation Terminal Group KOA KOKUA [Warrior Support in Hawaiian]
0670603d Transportation Company ROAD WARRIORS
0671615th Military Police Company BLOODHOUNDS
0672623d Field Artillery Regiment MORGAN'S MEN
0673632d Armored Regiment RED ARROW ARMOR
0674642d Support Battalion BLACKHEART
0675688th Transportation Detachment ALWAYS READY
0676689th Transportation Detachment VANGUARD OF THE TRANSPORTATION CORPS
0677690th Transportation Detachment WHATEVER IT TAKES
0678701st Military Police Battalion WHITE TIGER
0678N705th Military Police Battalion, HHC VIGILANCE BATTALION
0678O709th Military Police Battalion, HHD WARRIOR BATTALION, THE
0678OHHD, 716th Military Police Battalion SAIGON WARRIORS
0679720th Military Police Battalion GAUNTLET
0680728th Military Police Battalion, HQ WARFIGHTERS
0681759th Military Police Battalion LONE SENTINEL
0682759th Ordnance Company DETONATORS
0683762d Transportation Company SEVEN SIX DEUCE
0684765th Transportation Battalion STRAIGHT ARROW
0685772d Military Police Company COHANNET TRAIN BAND
0686772d Military Police Company CAPE COD'S OWN
0687787th Military Police Battalion PRAETORIANS
0688793d Military Police Battalion SPARTANS
0689795th Military Police Battalion GLADIATORS
0690835th U.S. Army Transportation Battalion CHAMPIONS, MOVING THE PACIFIC
0691836th U.S. Army Transportation Battalion GATEWAY TO THE FAR EAST
0692841st U.S. Army Transportation Battalion OUT FRONT…LET'S ROLL
0693842d U.S. Army Transportation Battalion TEAM BEAUMONT (discontinued see WARHORSE BATTALION)
0694842d U.S. Army Transportation Battalion WARHORSE BATTALION (see also TEAM BEAUMONT)
0695855th Military Police Company DESERT WARRIORS
0696864th Engineer Battalion PACEMAKERS
0697902d Military Intelligence Group, HHD DEUCE, THE
0698926th Medical Detachment SCORPION
0699935th Support Battalion WORKHORSE
0700959th Engineer Company WAYMAKERS
0701984th Military Police Company IMMORTALS
0702993d Transportation Company WORK GANG, THE
07031032d Transportation Company HILLBILLY EXPRESS
07041058th Transportation Company LINCOLN LIGHT INFANTRY
07051108th Aviation Group FIGHTING MISSISSIPPIANS
07061140th Engineer Battalion SIXTH MISSOURI
07061222d Engineer Company TOM HALL GUARDS
07071225th Support Battalion DETROIT LIGHT GUARD
0707N3665th Ordnance Company FLAMINGOS
0708Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command SURFACE WARRIORS
0709Fort Belvoir Military Police Company ROAD DAWGS
0710U.S. Army Air Ambulance Detachment, Yakima Training Center YAKIMA DUSTOFF
0711U.S. Army Medical Recruiting Brigade ALLGOOD’S HIGHLANDERS
0712United States Army, Alaska AMERICA'S ARCTIC WARRIORS
0713U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion, Great Lakes GREAT LAKES WOLVERINES
0714HHBn, U.S. Army Africa/Southern European Task Force LION'S PRIDE
0715The United States Army Band PERSHING'S OWN
0716U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion, Columbus COLUMBUS PIONEERS
0717U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion, Seattle SEATTLE TRAILBLAZERS