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U.S. Army Campaigns:
WWII — American Theater

Streamers: Blue with two groupings of white, black, red, and white stripes; with blue, white, and red in the center.

Antisubmarine 7 December 1941 - 2 September 1945

Antisubmarine, 7 December 1941 - 2 September 1945. To protect Allied shipping from enemy submarines, Army Air Force planes flew many antisubmarine patrols in the American Theater during World War II. Perhaps the most important of these operations were conducted from bases in Newfoundland and along the east coast of the United States. By the fall of 1942 these patrols, in conjunction with naval operations, had succeeded in driving off the German U-boat packs that had been taking such a heavy toll of shipping in the western Atlantic. In addition, AAF flew patrols in the Gulf of Mexico, in the Caribbean Sea, and along the west coast of the United States. In the latter part of 1943 the Navy assumed the antisubmarine responsibilities that had been assigned to AAF when the United States had entered the war in December 1941.

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