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158th Infantry — Combat Chronicle
The following information is taken from a combat chronicle prepared right after World War II. The text below, including the spelling of geographical locations, is as it appears in the original document.
9 Mar 1943
Party of 42 survivors from LAE convoy landed GOODENOUGH ISLAND; majority killed or captured by patrol 158th RCT. Other small groups on mainland mopped up.
1 Jul 1943
1st echelon landing on KIRIWINA reported without interference. Strength KIRIWINA 2578 confirmed; 2925 unconfirmed.
4 Jul 1943
Arrival 1st 2 echelons KIRIWINA confirmed; occupation and defence activities satisfactory.
5 Jul 1943
3rd and 5th echelons arrived KIRIWINA.
6 Jul 1943
Allied strength 5 July KIRIWINA 5200.
9 Jul 1943
Activities connection occupation, defence, airfield construction KIRIWINA considered satisfactory.
19 Jul 1943
Air strip cleared. Strength now 6300.
5 Aug 1943
Force increased to 7000.
29 Dec 1943
ARAWE: Active patrolling continues. Light contact reported UMTINGALU area.
30 Dec 1943
ARAWE: Increased patrolling reported.
31 Dec 1943
MOLEME patrol infiltrated MLR; being mopped up. Allied patrols arrive.
23 May 1944
158th Infantry arrived WAKDE.
26 May 1944
1st and 4 Bns, 158th Infantry, began advance on SARMI 23 May; reached MAFFIN VILLAGE same night; received sniper fire.
29 May 1944
2 Bns, 158th Infantry report resistance 1 mile south MAFFIN strip.
31 May 1944
Elements of 158th withdrew to positions near MAFFIN TOWN.
8 Jun 1944
1st Infantry and 6th Engineers relieved elements of 158th Infantry perimeter area near ARARA (WAKDE) 6 June.
9 Jun 1944
Attacked West morning 8 June, ony slight opposition reported.
10 Jun 1944
Patrols with tank support cleared enemy pillboxes E. TIRFOAM R.
11 Jun 1944
Enemy patrols raided 158th Infantry perimeter on TIRFOAM R. night 9 June.
12 Jun 1944
Cleaned out enemy strongpoint TIRFOAM R; destroyed several field guns.
18 Jun 1944
20th Infantry (6th Division) completed relief of 158th Infantry.
3 Jul 1944
158th Regimental Combat Team (RCT) landed unopposed KAMIRI Airdrome (NOEMFOOR ISLAND) 2200Z 2 July; by midafternoon had occupied runway and dispersal area. Met only light mortar fire.
4 Jul 1944
Extended perimeter to include all northeast dispersal areas and reached line extending south from PIEFOERI VILLAGE. Patrols active.
5 Jul 1944
Pushed East, occupied KORNASOREN Airdrome; nil organized resistance reported.
6 Jul 1944
Enemy attacked Allied positions 1 mile SE KAMIRI; patrols from KORNASOREN reached point 800 yeards W SJORIBOE, report no contact. Captured MANIM ISLAND off NAMBER.
7 Jul 1944
Landed NAMBER area, met little opposition; captured strip by mid-afternoon, 6 July.
9 Jul 1944
Patrol activity N and W coasts brought total enemy killed to 410.
11 Jul 1944
Only slight contacts reported.
12 Jul 1944
Vigorous patrolling continues.
15 Jul 1944
Combat patrols contacted estimated 200 enemy in prepared positions 3½ miles SE KAMIRI VILLAGE 13 July.
16 Jul 1944
Vigorous patrolling continues.
17 Jul 1944
Group of 200 enemy contacted on high ground 5 miles NE KAMIRI VILLAGE.
19 Jul 1944
Active patrolling all areas, artillery harassed enemy position Hill 670 (5 miles SE KAMIRI)
27 Jul 1944
Patrolling and mopping up continues.
2 Aug 1944
970 enemy killed to date, 68 Japanese, 403 Formosans captured.
5 Aug 1944
Scattered patrol contacts continued.
11 Aug 1944
Main body of enemy troops remaining on Island surrounded by our troops 2½ miles SE IMASI. Our artillery heavily shelled surrounding enemy position.
14 Aug 1944
Three counter-attacks on Allied positions surrounding enemy pocket SE IMASI repulsed.
24 Aug 1944
1641 enemy killed; 162 prisoners.
13 Sep 1944
1840 killed, 230 captured.
13 Jan 1945
Landed vicinity MABILAO (LUZON) 11 Jan, attacked N toward RABON.
16 Jan 1945
Patrol entered DAMORTIS.
17 Jan 1945
Occupied DAMORTIS; no opposition.
17 Jan 1945
Captured AMLANG against stiff resistance; encountered heavy artillery and machine gun fire 500 yards to E.
17 Jan 1945
Captured high ground vicinity ANLAG; patrolled N. to CUPANG.
18 Jan 1945
Patrolled to ASAN without contact.
19 Jan 1945
Units in CATAGUINTINGAN-ROSARIO area replused night counterattacks, made slow progress in push to capture high ground N ROSARIO; other units to SOUTH captured SISON. 158th is now attached to 43d Division.
21 Jan 1945
Continued heavy fighting NW ROSARIO and vicinity AMLANG, units near SISON repulsed continuous night counter attacks; others captured Hill 600, 4500 yards N POZORRUBIO.
22 Jan 1945
Met continued strong resistance AMLANG-ROSARIO-SISON areas.
23 Jan 1945

Continued heavy fighting ROSARIO approaches.

23 Jan 1945
Units received continuous artillery fire ROSARIO area, met stiff resistance 5000 yards NW POZARRUBIO; attacked prepared positions NE BINDAY.
24 Jan 1945
Attacking from high ground NW ROSARIO reached point 300 yards from town; others reduced resistance MT ALAVA, captured 2000 tons ammunition.
25 Jan 1945
Resistance vicinity AMLANG reported broken.
26 Jan 1945
Launched coordinated attack to capture high ground hill 600 area 2000 yards NE ROSARIO.
28 Jan 1945
Mopping up operations high ground E POZORRUBIO-ROSARIO road.
30 Jan 1945
Reported DAMORTIS-ROSARIO Road open 27 Jan.
30 Jan 1945
Eliminated small groups withdrawing ROSARIO sector; repulsed counterattack to N.
31 Jan 1945
Captured UDIAO; continued mopping up ROSARIO sector.
7 Feb 1945
3 night counterattacks ROSARIO area ¾.
8 Feb 1945
Repulsed small scale counter and infiltration attacks ROSARIO sector; 158th patrolled to AGOO without contact. Captured high ground 1500 yards W. LABAYUG area.
11 Feb 1945
Patrolled extensively in zone of action, destroyed numerous small enemy parties.
14 Feb 1945
33d Division relieved 158th RCT.
7 Mar 1945
158th RCT attached to 11th AB Div in attack to secure BATANGAS BAY reached point 2 miles E BALAYAN (SW BATNAGAS).
8 Mar 1945
Reached LEMERY.
9 Mar 1945
Overcame strong opposition to secure BOTONG, sent patrols NE to SAN NICOLAS on LAKE TAAL.
10 Mar 1945
Reached BANAN on BATANGAS BAY; reached road junction at BALIBAG.
11 Mar 1945
Units reached point 1000 yeards W of BUNGAHAN.
12 Mar 1945
Occupied MOJON, patrolled E and NE from line BAUAN/BALIBAG.
13 Mar 1945
Secured BATANGAS town unopposed.
14 Mar 1945
Attached strong positions vicinity CAMP MCGRATH.
15 Mar 1945
Met stiff resistance MT MUNTINTUBIG.
16 Mar 1945
Elements 158th RCT landed DAGATAN, advanced within 1200 yds of MABINI.
17 Mar 1945
18 Mar 1945
Repulsed counter attack vicinity MABINI.
20 Mar 1945
Attacking to seize high ground vicinity CUENA; reached top SAN JOSE HILL and SW slopes MT MACALOD.
21 Mar 1945
Continued attack MT MACOLOD against heavy fire.
22 Mar 1945
Secured high ground overlooking IBABAO, cut CUENCA IBABAO road near CUNECA; met continued strong resistance from MT MACOLOD.
23 Mar 1945
Secured CUENCA unopposed on 21 Mar, occupied MT MACOLOD against light opposition 22 March, advanced NE on DITA.
24 Mar 1945
Relieved by 11th AB Div E and NE CUENCA, sent patrols to ARENAS POINT, SOROSOPO HILL and SAN JOSE.
25 Mar 1945
158th RCT detached and passed to control of CG 6th Army at LEMERY.
1 Apr 1945
Reinforced landed at LEGASPI at 1000 hours 1 Apr against heavy artillery fire.
2 Apr 1945
Secured LEGASPI town and air field; advanced up MT LINGUION, patrolled N and W.
3 Apr 1945
Captured MT LINGUION, commenced drive to S against heavy fire; reconnoitered coastal road N to TIZI POINT.
4 Apr 1945
Seized KULIAN and expanded holdings W of CARAGA against heavy resistance; reconnoitered toward MAYON volcano.
5 Apr 1945
Occupied positions 700 yards W BUSAY attacked SW of DARAGA progress unreported.
6 Apr 1945
Outflanked enemy left flank near BUSAY, turned SW; seized positions 1000 yards S and SE DARAGA against stiff resistance.
7 Apr 1945
Occupied key terrain W DARAGA dominating YAWA RIVER VALLEY; isolated enemy force 1 mile SW DARAGA; reconnoitered MT BARAWY and the coast of POLIQUI BAY toward MANITO; amphibious patrol to BACON, reconnoitered S toward SOROSGON.
8 Apr 1945
Secured Highway leading S from DARAGA, occupied SORSOGON and reported organized resistance ended SORSOGON Province. SAN BERNARDINO STRAIT now secured N and S.
9 Apr 1945
Reached area 3500 yards W DARAGA against increasing resistance.
10 Apr 1945
Seized favorable terrain to N outflanking enemy positions W of DARAGA; patrolled SORSOGAN Province.
11 Apr 1945
Reached highway 1000 yards E LACAG, gained SW against decreasing opposition; captured large supply dumps 5000 yards S DARAGA.
12 Apr 1945
Entered CAMALIG, landed unopposed RAPURAPU ISLAND, patrolled to MATNOG.
13 Apr 1945
Reach COMUN; patrolled to OAS.
14 Apr 1945
Cleared RAPURAPU and BATAN ISLANDS; reached area 2 miles S SAN FRANCISCO; attacked positions SE CAMALIG.
15 Apr 1945
Cleared CAGRARAY ISLAND; enveloped enemy pocket SE CAMALIG; reached JAVELLAR, QARN, and NABUA; encountered enemy pocket near SAN FRANCISCO.
16 Apr 1945
Cleared SAN MIGUEL ISLAND; occupied IRIGA (3 miles E NABUA) eliminated resistance SE; attacked strong positions SW CAMILIG; cleared high ground E SAN FRANCISCO.
18 Apr 1945
Gained 2500 yards converging on strong point SE CAMILIG, occupied SAN FRANCISCO, repulsed counterattack, reconnoitered MAYONG (6 miles NW TIWI POINT).
19 Apr 1945
Continued to reduce strong resistance SE CAMILING, eliminated all organized resistance SAN FRANCISCO area, capturing large supply dumps.
20 Apr 1945
Entered NAGA (17 miles NW IRIGAN) continued reduction CAMALIG pocket.
21 Apr 1945
Landed CATANDUANES ISLAND (Lagono Gulf); contacted enemy SE portion, converged from 3 directions on strongly fortified hill mass SE CAMILIG.
22 Apr 1945
Occupied PATITINAN (10 miles NW TIWI POINT), destroyed enemy radar station SE CATANDUANES ISLAND, continued reduction fortified hill mass SE CAMILIG against heavy resistance.
23 Apr 1945
Reverted to XIV Corps; local gains CAMILIG pocket.
30 Apr 1945
Broke organized resistance CAMALIG pocket, mopped up.
1 May 1945
Reached PAWILI River bridge 3 miles from junction with 1st Cav units at PILI against minor opposition; secured TIGAON and SALVACION.
2 May 1945
Forced crossing PAWILI River, reached ANAYAN (7½ miles SE of NAGA) within 1 mile of 1st Cav Div.
3 May 1945
Reached UMBAGO (8½ miles E of PILI), assumed control 5th Cav Regimental Combat Team.
4 May 1945
Opened Highway 27 and by establishing contact with 1st Cav Div at PILI opened Highway 1 through the BICOL PENINSULA.
5 May 1945
Probed southern slopes MT ISAROG.
6 May 1945
Continued to patrol foothills MT SAROG.
17 May 1945
Reported cessation all organized resistance in BICOL Provinces.
7 June 1945
5th Cav Regimental Combat Team reverted from control of 158th RCT to control of 1st Cav Div.
16 Jun 1945
XI Corps assumed command 158th RCT.
31 Dec 1945
Action being taken to inactivate the 158th Inf Regt. The 1st Bn, 158th Inf (attached 97th Div) moved from Tochige to Utsunomiya
5 Jan 1946
At 0001 3d Bn, 387th Inf (97th Div) relieved the 158th RCT of all occupational responsibility in Tochigi Prefecture
16 Jan 1946
158th RCT inactivated during the day.