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Announcement for all new Historians, Archivists, and Museum Professionals

Are you new to the Army History Program? Have you recently been hired into a GS -0170 Historian position in the Army? Or 1015, 1016, 1010 (Museum Curator, Museum Specialist and Exhibit Specialist? Or even 1420 or 1421 (Archivist and Archives Technician)? Are you unsure of who else is out there? What the regulations are? And what is this Career Program 61 that you are now part of?

If you are in this situation, or have hired someone who is in this situation, you should consider applying to attend the first iteration (yes, you will be guinea pigs/lab rats . . . get over it) of the New Historians, Archivists, and Museum Professionals Orientation Course. This one week course will introduce all new employees of the Army History Program to the Army, its history program, its regulations, the Center of Military History, the field history offices, CP 61, Army historical resources, the Joint and OSD History world, and a host of other useful subjects. It will provide you or your employee invaluable resources and contacts as they learn the ropes of the Army History Program and their role in it. Course dates are 25 February 1 March 2013 and it will be centrally funded by CP 61. (In other words, free!)

Apply now! Send a short letter indicating interest in the course along with a resume through your chain of command (no application will be considered without showing your supervisor's approval) to the Functional Chief's Representative for CP 61 at:

There will only be limited slots available for this new course and priority will go to those field history/museum/archives personnel who are the newest in the system (1-2 years) but consideration will be given to those with up to 3 years in position if space is available. Please have all applications in not later than 10 January 2013. Once the final candidates have been selected for the course, instructions will be provided on how to apply for travel orders and other important details of course management. I expect this class to fill up quickly, so talk to your supervisor and get the application in without delay.

Dr. Richard Stewart,
Chief Historian and FCR CP 61

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