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Summer 2015 Issue of Army History Magazine

In this Issue:

"Early Acrimony"
The Military and the Press in the Nineteenth Century
By Clay Mountcastle

The Role of Military History in the Contemporary Academy
By Tami Davis Biddle and Robert M. Citino

Army History Magazine

Summer 2015 Edition

The Summer 2015 issue of Army History presents two interesting pieces for our readers. The first, by Clay Mountcastle, takes a look at the relationship between the military and the press during the nineteenth century. It is generally accepted that the tensions that arose between the armed forces and the media during the Vietnam War were unprecedented. Mountcastle argues that this view is incorrect. Highlighting various episodes of strain between these two institutions, from the Mexican War to the Indian Wars, the author makes his case that the tumultuous relationship was nothing new.

The second article is a white paper originally published by the Society for Military History. The authors, Tami Davis Biddle of the U.S. Army War College and Robert M. Citino of the University of North Texas, examine the apparent resurgence of military history over the last forty years and looks closely at its position within American institutions of higher learning. The paper is intended to provoke debate and encourage dialogue about the important role the study of military history plays in the educational process. This piece is reprinted here, in the pages of Army History, in the hope that it will reach a wider and more diverse audience and garner the kind of attention it deserves.

The Artifact Spotlight for this issue examines one of the most famous weapons of World War II, the Sturmgewehr 44 (StG44). Widely regarded as the first true assault rifle, the StG44 entered the war far too late to have any major impact on the fighting.

In his Chief ’s Corner, Dr. Richard Stewart provides an update on the progress of Career Program 61 as well as a few thoughts on the various intern programs and professional development opportunities available throughout the Army History Program.

The Center of Military History also recently launched an online survey intended to obtain feedback about the quality of Army History. I hope our readers will take the time to share with us their thoughts on this journal. The survey Web site can be found here:*DoD.

- Managing Editor